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End-to-end innovation and idea management built for Microsoft
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harness innovative ideas from your employees and accelerate transformation across your organization.
Engage your organization and capture your employees’
harness innovative ideas from your employees and accelerate transformation across your organization.
Crowdsource ideas from an entire ecosystem of
harness innovative ideas from your employees and accelerate transformation across your organization.
Innovation Accessible

Make innovation accessible

Invite employees to contribute ideas for your organization at any time, from anywhere, on any device.


Gather and manage ideas

Utilize a single platform to capture, manage and evaluate ideas. Configure and tailor idea stages to suit your process

Engage Everyone

Engage everyone

Get employees onboard with minimal training. Built for Microsoft 365, employees utilize tools they already familiar with such as Teams and Yammer

Easy Evaluation

Easy evaluation

Quickly review ideas against your organization's strategic objectives. Progress ideas with the greatest outcomes

Holistic overview

Review your innovation portfolio in a single window and move challenge ideas through configurable stages.

ideation software

Rank the best ideas

Score each idea against your company’s ratings matrix, aligning your innovation process to your overall business strategy.

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Open Innovation

Innovation without borders, view our Open Innovation solution. Discover what matters most to your external stakeholders with your internal innovation processes.

Gain ideas from customers, suppliers’ partners and more. You can decide to target specific groups or open up challenges to anyone with an idea.

Open Innovation Graphic
  • microsoft-icon-one
    edison365ideas and Teams

    Users can access the full functionality of edison365ideas within Microsoft Teams, making collaborating on an idea easy. Seamlessly add current challenges to channels and ideas as tabs within Teams, enhancing the users’ experience when contributing ideas and driving effective collaboration throughout your innovation process.

  • microsoft-icon-two
    edison365ideas and Yammer

    Keep employees engaged and up to date with the innovation activity through Yammer. As the default application used for discussions in edison365ideas, easily extend conversations about ideas and challenges across your organization.

  • microsoft-icon-three
    edison365ideas and SharePoint

    edison365ideas utilizes SharePoint Online for user authentication, supporting single sign-on and seamless access to the platform. Making use of SharePoint for document management, the sharing and collaboration of ideas and challenges files is centralized, fully harnessing collective knowledge.

  • microsoft-icon-four
    edison365ideas and Power BI

    edison365ideas leverages Power BI to measure results across challenges and ideas to inform future ideation approaches for maximum impact. Create live reports and check real-time statistics to understand your innovation portfolio and it’s potential.

  • microsoft-icon-five
    edison365ideas and Delve

    Discover the ideators in your organization with access to delve from within edison365ideas, gain visibility of the ideas and challenges that are aligned to them.

  • microsoft-icon-six
    edison365ideas and Azure

    Benefit from the GDPR and security capabilities you can achieve from having your innovation management data stored in Azure SQL databases within your Microsoft 365 cloud, meaning you can access it easily and securely from anywhere. this provides.

How edison365ideas integrates with Microsoft 365

edison365 harnesses the power of Microsoft Office 365 with experiences driven by SharePoint Online, Teams, Yammer and Delve. Connecting to your Active Directory, employees use a single login to access Office 365 and edison365ideas.

Core Features

Crowdsourcing Ideas

Give every employee the chance to be heard.

  • Capture ideas
  • Challenge Driven Innovation
  • Combine Ideas
  • Audience targeting

Enable bottom-up innovation and allow your employees to share their ideas at any time and any place. Employees can easily upload their ideas without any training, with idea templates pre-populated with guidance.

Set challenges aligned to the organization’s strategy for top-down innovation. These challenges can be set to focus on both incremental and disruptive change, producing benefit however you need.

If similar ideas are created without realizing, these ideas can be combined, and the idea creators can be informed. This encourages employees to collaborate on similar ideas, regardless of their background.

edison365ideas provides the ability to establish different audiences and interest areas to target content within the tool. Users may be automatically entered in an audience group or can request to join those that might be of interest to them. Ideas can also be submitted anonymously if the setting is enabled against any challenge.

Effective Collaboration

Easy collaboration with Microsoft 365 tools and the ability to comment on others ideas.

  • Teams
  • Yammer
  • Tags
  • Attach Documents

Users can access the full functionality of edison365ideas within Microsoft Teams. Users can update the idea details, leave comments, rate, vote, and attach documents to an idea, whilst also leveraging all the features of Teams.

Discussions about ideas and challenges can take place using Yammer, which is fully integrated within the edison365ideas comments section.

Categorize ideas with tags to seamlessly filter ideas regarding the same or similar topics.

Documents can be attached to idea templates to standardize the process. Employees also have the option to attach their own documents to explain their idea further and support their justification.


Engage your employees with a reward and recognition scheme tailored for innovation.

  • Employee Points
  • Rewards
  • Voting
  • Leaderboard

Give your employees the opportunity to earn points for the innovation activities they perform; whether it is for adding an idea, providing a star rating to another or their idea becomes success. The number of points earned for each activity or action are configured by the super users.

Over time employees can redeem points for prizes through the edison365ideas rewards system. The rewards are decided by you and can be monetary or non-monetary, some examples might be a free coffee, lunch with the CEO, close parking for a month, all can easily be configured in the system with various point requirements.

Voting in edison365ideas supports employee engagement whilst also serving as a measure of idea popularity. Employees can be given a limited number of votes which they can then invest in the ideas they support, and want to see implemented.

To give employees transparency around their activity in the platform, edison365ideas shows their personal position in a monthly and to date leaderboard, as well as showing the top users. Users achieve medals based on certain actions in edison365ideas.

Idea Evaluation

Review and advance the best ideas through a
standardized process, aligned to your innovation strategy

  • Idea Triage
  • Peer Feedback
  • Formalized feedback
  • Personal page

The triage feature supports leadership decision making, enabling the evaluation of individual ideas or comparison with others. Ideas are evaluated against configurable KPI’s, aligning the innovation process to the organization’s overall strategy to ensure success. Access to the ideas triage is restricted to reviewers such as innovation board members, heads of innovation and leadership.

Employees can understand the overall popularity of their ideas by looking at the star rating. These unlimited ratings represent informal feedback from other ideators that have sight of their idea within the tool.

For more formalized feedback, users can view the votes that have been made against their idea. Users have a set number of votes they can invest, making this a higher weighted form of feedback and an indicator of the idea’s potential.

Users can easily gain an immediate view of their own ideas and those they are required to triage by visiting their personal page. Individuals can also subscribe to notifications to keep updated on idea progress.

Powerful Reporting

Easily build management reports of your innovation portfolio

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Third Party Tools

edison365ideas provides high level reporting using Microsoft Power BI. Create live reports and check real-time statistics for edison365ideas submissions and challenges, including a funnel view to recognize current stages. Measure the results from developed ideas to inform your future ideation approaches for continued innovation success.

With all edison365ideas data stored in your Microsoft 365tenant, there is complete reporting flexibility. All data can be reported on using excel or a preferred third-party solution at any time, and in any format.


Achieving end-to-end innovation management with edison365

  • edison365 Open Innovation
  • edison365businesscase
  • edison365projects

Enable edison365 Open Innovation and expand your ideas economy to  include your external stakeholders. Using social authentication to login, users do not require a Microsoft 365 account to login. Decide what challenges you want to make public and gain ideas from your entire innovation ecosystem to deliver ideas that pay. The internal team can specify whether external users are able to see each other ideas or just their own.

Seamlessly justify and assess the impact of successful ideas by creating a business case. With built in integration with edison365businesscase, quickly and easily transfer idea information and produce a business case to understand its cost, benefit and resource requirements. With configurable processes and case types, benefit from a standardized and transparent method of capturing and managing business case data.

Once the business case is approved, easily transfer it into edison365projects where it can be successfully delivered, ensuring the original innovation benefits are realized. A flexible project and portfolio management solution, edison365projects is suitable for all project types with pre-populated and customizable templates.

What do our customers think?

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Haley & Aldrich

"We identified $1M of lost revenue per annum through the collection of ideas submitted through edison365ideas. That was within the first few months of turning the system live "

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South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council empowers decision makers with edison365projects and Project Online.

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Coal, minerals & renewable energy

"With 6,000 users across multiple locations and with varying technical capabilities it was essential that the idea platform we selected was user friendly"

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"Nothing else that we reviewed or tested matched our requirements, edison365ideas is delivering over and above what we need and expected"

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