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Turn risks into results with laser-focused risk management software

Identify and evaluate every risk with customizable tables and develop mitigation strategies with confidence.

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risk managment hero image

Join 100+ global brands using edison365

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Identify and analyze every risk across your projects 

Build robust risk tables to enhance project success and evaluate the likelihood of each risk to protect progress! edison365 offers a central location to manage and mitigate the risks to all your projects. 

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Develop game-changing mitigation strategies 

Uncover key issues preventing your projects from succeeding, and document mitigation comments, from your risk and probability scores; all in one table. Say goodbye to roadblocks and mitigate and minimize your way smoothly around risks. 

Develop game changing mitigation strategies
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Monitor and track your risks 

Keep an eye on the risks of every project in your portfolio and monitor their impact as you move closer to your goals. Never startle your projects with unexpected obstacles and stay alert at every stage.  


How global brands utilize risk management software with edison365

Score your risks with ease 

edison365 risk tables are powered by automation! Use calculated fields to generate automatic risk scores. Your easy-to-use risk probability and impact companion. Keep your risk management accurate and efficient. 

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Keep your team in the loop with their dashboards to display risks as work items. That way, you can be assured risks are managed effectively and your team remains productive in pursuit of squashing risks to your projects and business initiatives. 

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Risk Management Software FAQs

What is the purpose of risk management software?

The purpose of risk management is in the name! It’s all about mitigating potential threats to the progress and results you expect from an objective or goal. It’s about being strategic and proactive towards your goals, whilst also being realistic.  Obstacles, risks, and bottlenecks are largely unpredictable, and usually inevitable, especially with bigger ambitions. But with the right approach, and the support of risk management software, teams can monitor risks and be prepared for quick action as projects progress.

Unlike a lot of risk management software, edison365 offers a more in-depth, end-to-end experience. Teams not only assess risks and threats but carry out full-scale transformation, going from idea to implementation.  
This makes it easier for them to move from one business case to another, all while assessing the risks and making positive changes. It’s essentially one central location for everything organizations could need. 

You can learn about licensing for edison365 here!


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