Scale your success with business transformation software

Build an agile business through streamlined processes, automation and real-time data in pursuit of positive change. 

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End-to-end business transformation software 

Align all visions and goals and ensure the correct processes are in place to maximize your chances of becoming a truly transformative team. From identifying transformative ideas to implementation, the edison365 platform supports the end-to-end lifecycle.  

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Align your teams for collaborative success 

Amplify transformational change with collaboration. With your team’s priorities aligned, and everyone informed of the direction to strive for, you build an unstoppable business that works together.

Align your teams for collaborative success 

Gain visibility of all your live projects and examine new ideas coming downstream. Stay well prepared for upcoming developments and effortlessly pivot and prioritize more value-driven projects aligned with your current goals. 

Clearer prioritization for definitive results 

Build a goldmine of insights, forecasts, and figures to supercharge your business transformation in one central location. When you power your projects with data-driven decisions, you know what’s building transformative momentum and what isn’t.

Drive business transformation with powerful data

Understand what’s driving success and what’s needed to continuously improve your processes for further achievements. edison365 gives you the tools to analyze the performance of your portfolio and highlight any bottlenecks you may have. 

Take control of benefit realization
Align your teams for collaborative success 


Expert tools for true transformation

Complex Workflows

Through edison365, users can build complex workflows to suit any process. Imagine having the flexibility to activate custom forms precisely when needed, ensuring a lean data capture experience. Focus on rapid, accurate execution.  
Complex Workflows

Filtered Timeline Views

Create visual project timelines with easy-to-apply filters for a clear view of what's happening, when and by who. Business transformation software that outlines the direction of your efforts, every step of the way.  
Filtered Timeline Views

Benefit Management Ownership

Leverage edison365’s table capabilities to identify the key benefits of change management.  Assign ownership to team members, so all anticipated benefits are identified, tracked, and ultimately realized. These can be conveniently reviewed on their personal dashboard.
Benefit Management Ownership

Rich end-to-end portfolio reporting

Level-up your end-to-end reporting and analyze performance, assess the potential of new ideas and manage the progress of live projects. Business transformation software helps you gain an overview of your portfolio and future ideas to invest in. 
Rich end to end portfolio reporting


How global brands leverage business transformation with edison365

Frequently asked questions on business transformation software  

What is business transformation?

Business transformation is best defined as an approach to change management. It’s an organization’s effort to redefine their overall direction and priorities, a product or service or simply make fundamental change to the structure of the business.
This may be the result of realizing change is needed, something is outdated, or the market has simply evolved. It’s a way for businesses to be adaptable and willing to progress, whatever it takes.

When it comes to business transformation software, this is simply a set of tools within an application like edison365 that streamlines a company’s efforts to transform their business.  


Rather than having key details, actions, and figures across different Excel sheets and Word documents, business transformation software offers features that can automate processes and hold stakeholders accountable for their tasks. 

There is a lot of business transformation software out there, but edison365 has evolved over time with transformative tools specifically for this need type of change management.  


With excellent customization, powerful workflows and more, edison365 is, in our opinion, business transformation software built for the modern business.


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