Drag and drop your way through simple or sophisticated workflows. An adaptable tool that adjusts to your ways of working, not the other way around!

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Dedicated workflow designer

Limited tools hinder your best work. With edison365, you decide on any number of stages, what information to display, along with field attributes, project durations, and more. Build the workflow that mirrors your goals!

Super flexible forms

Propel your projects with interchangeable forms from one workflow to the next. You determine what forms are mandatory, and how forms look at each stage of the workflow lifecycle.

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Streamlined reviews and approvals

Streamline your workflow dependencies with any number of branches. edison365’s expression builder helps you create conditions such as cost estimates and makes it easier to pivot your projects. Shape success and take the right direction by defining your criteria.

Shape your journey with dynamic branching

Enhance your workflow efficiency with the power of branches. edison365’s expression builder empowers you to set dynamic conditions, like cost estimates, ensuring your workflow adapts in real time to your input. Stay confidently on the right track!

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Create versions

Save your progress at every stage of your workflow with simple documented versions.

Set target durations

Minimize delays and understand when a project has overstayed a certain stage with configured target timeframes.

Assign reviewers easily

Designate individuals or AD groups to act as reviewers. You can also specify the number of people required for reviewing.

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Workflow FAQs

What are workflows?

Workflows allow you to connect the dots and bring projects to life. From stage to stage, you’re in full control with unrivalled customization. Add key details, set-up owners, add review stages and more. edison365 works for you, not the other way around! See how workflows can help when it comes to innovation, project management and business cases.

You can have any number of stages throughout the lifecycle! This allows you to ensure careful measures are taken as your projects move from one phase to the next. In addition to this, as an admin user, you’re also able to determine what reviewers must do at each stage with a customizable checklist.

Of course! In fact, the power is in your hands as an admin user to determine what happens to every single field. Choose from required fields, read-only, hidden and visible; make this decision at every stage of the workflow for a tailored experience for your wider team.

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