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One platform to manage every project in your portfolio with complete visibility 

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Make every project count 

Make every project count 

Unlock total visibility with project controls united under one roof. From task assignments to budget tracking, risk management to performance analytics, bring everything together, stay accountable and make informed decisions at every stage of the project lifecycle.  

Customize to your heart’s content

Create the space that fits your projects. You know exactly what’s needed for project management success. That’s why we offer customizable freedom with an extensive library of templates. 

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Break down bigger goals into smaller achievements and spin the plates of project management with your eyes closed! No more missed milestones, deadlines, or expensive decisions. Perfect the present and predict the future of your projects. 

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Allocate resources efficiently to maximize the chances of successful project management. From your workforce to state-of-the-art equipment. Know where everything is and where it should be to achieve your goals.

Allocate all your resource efficently

Manage your projects in real-time with feedback features in a fully collaborative environment. No lengthy meetings, no hiccups and no ideas left on read. A platform for everyone to come together and achieve great things. 

Tools for collaborative success
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A glimpse at the powerful project management tools of edison365.


We took the boring workflow and gave it wings, making it super compatible with all your business initiatives. Declutter your to-do lists, minimize errors, and know that everything is in forward motion!  
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Resource Management 

Analyse and allocate resources effectively in one place, from resource types, dates, timescales and more. Recognize what your business can achieve in the now, and what is required to accomplish more in the future.
Resource Management

Planning and Scheduling 

Plan with confidence, schedule with clarity. Whether you’re taking on the world or optimizing the smaller details, turn tasks, due dates and dependencies into powerful Gantt Charts for high productivity and performance. 
Planning and Scheduling

Reporting and Analytics 

Capture insights into project performance, progress and trends with ease whilst holding metrics like task completion, resource allocation, timelines and costs accountable. Make informed decisions and turn valuable data into stunning visuals for all your stakeholders. 
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more tools

Other tools for project management 

See all other features that make project management possible with edison365.

Frequently asked questions on project management

What is project management?

When we talk about project management, we are referring to the planning and execution of a list of tasks, but with a systemic approach. These tasks support specific goals and milestones that make a project, a project.

Project management is a suitable approach for both simple and complex business initiatives. Whether it’s planning the launch of a new product or managing a new office refurbishment. Project management helps mitigate problems and gives the project manager an insight into what the road ahead looks like to reach their goal.

Project management software is simply a way to document, analyze and automate a lot of the processes and components of project management. It’s also a way to uphold accountability and ensure everyone has access to a centralized location where projects can begin and grow. As you can imagine, the bigger the project, the more details and actions required. Project management software helps collate all of this in an easy-to-consume way
Whilst there are many options for project management software, few rival edison365 in terms of offering a 360 approach to business transformation. See, we understand that project management is only half of what is needed to comfortably move milestone-to-milestone. edison365’s project management capabilities help users organize projects with Gantt Charts and complex workflows and manage any kind of resource to maximize the output and performance of any project. For a solution that helps your projects go further, edison365 is the answer!

You can explore pricing and the various options available to your business over on our licensing page.


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