Unlock game-changing ideas from your team with ideation management

All the tools to capture, manage, collaborate and execute your best ideas. 

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Shape greatness together

Capture ideas from all corners of your business! Develop an open culture towards ideation and give everyone a voice. And with a standardized structure, organizations can gain the right details for the right opportunities. 

Empower your best ideas first 

Gain an insight into the opportunities that will benefit your business the most with idea prioritization in edison365. With the ability to rank ideas based on pre-defined criteria, you can execute your best ideas first. 

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Keep ideas engaging and transparent 

Leverage real-time discussions, comments and reactions and tenfold team engagement at every stage of the ideation process. edison365 makes it easier to involve everyone whilst maintaining transparency of ideation pipeline performance. 

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Gamify ideation management  

Set the challenge of creativity and innovation for everyone with gamified edison365 features. By introducing gamification, you create a more compelling case for thinking outside the box and encourage inventive problem-solving for every team member.


How global brands leverage ideation management with edison365

Build your own ideas library 

Using edison365, submit and collect all your team’s best ideas in one place. Giving you an optimized overview, and the ability to build on ideas without leaving the edison365 platform. 

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Gamify your ideation process by awarding points and medals to top innovators within your team! edison365 leaderboards are a great way for users to visualize the popularity and impact of their contributions, all in the name of a successful business! 

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Show great leadership by rewarding the ideas of your team. Through a simple points system, users can gradually unlock rewards set by you, encouraging continued engagement in ideation and increasing output.  

Reward and recognize your team’s efforts

Allow ideas to receive some love from other users in edison365 with like feature. This allows you to keep up to date on the ideas that stand out for you, and encourages your team to continuing ideating, due to your show of approval. 

Show your support for new ideas
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Ideation Management FAQs

What is ideation management?

Ideation management refers to how an organization captures, reviews and executes on new ideas from any given stakeholder. Whether it’s employees, customers or another interested party.   

Through managing ideas effectively, more can be done to achieve better results and outcomes with everyday processes that are outdated or underperforming. After all, it’s companies that are daring and do things differently that are able to grow and achieve greatness — ideation management puts this in motion! 

When it comes to ideation management software, this refers to a suite of tools like edison365 that can automate and organize data to offer an experience that boosts clarity and makes new ideas achievable.

Instead of the classic notepad full of ideas and missing details, a platform like edison365 allows teams to collect ideas from stakeholders around the world and display all the key findings in real-time.

There is plenty of ideation management software out there, but edison365 has a strong history in this space specifically. The latest version of edison365 has only grown stronger and offers an end-to-end solution for full-scale business transformation, which undoubtedly includes new ideas and innovation.


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