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edison365 helps IT teams centralize requests and communicate project evaluations and status updates with ease. Stay accountable and deliver results seamlessly with our user-friendly IT demand management tools.

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Four Types of IT Demand

IT teams must deal with a variety of evolving business demands. Our IT demand management tools help you navigate each of these all-in-one place.

Strategic Demand

Gather and evaluate those major business-impacting projects faster. With our IT demand management tools, prioritize projects that align closely with your organization’s long-term vision.

Tactical Demand

Manage, organize and execute your routine tasks with simplicity. Understand what tasks and projects must be addressed to deliver an immediate impact and support day-to-day operations.

Application Enhancements

Create a simplified process for managing upgrades or revisions to existing applications and processes. A pivotal role in keeping your business on track with up-to-date tech for maximum results.

Operational Demand

Steer your organization to operational efficiency with our IT demand management tools and enable management of core IT functions faster with one portal and user accountability.

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The Challenge for IT Departments

Any successful business model needs to be built on effective IT demand management, as well as supply. As technology keeps evolving, bringing more complexity into the picture, more is expected of the typical IT department.

IT teams also face the dilemma of quickly delivering projects without understanding how they are aligned with the overall business strategy and the long-term value they bring to the company. That’s where edison365 comes in!

Solving challenges with edison365’s IT demand management tools

Common challenges IT departments face and how teams are using edison365

Inconsistent processes

One central location and process for all departments to follow, providing a more consistent view of incoming and ongoing requests.

High Operational Costs

Spend less time and resources on getting IT projects planned and through the pipeline, and more time executing on tasks and hitting milestones.

Benefit Realization

Articulate where IT spending supports business value, and how it supports the achievement of organizational goals.

Justifying Projects

edison365 provides a system that allows IT to be involved in the project approval processes, ensuring that the right projects are executed for the right reasons.

Lack of Transparency

IT demand management tools in edison365 provide an integrated space that allows IT to collaborate with other business units and work together on projects at every step.

Lack of Communication

IT demand management tools in edison365 provide an integrated space that allows IT to collaborate with other business units and work together on projects at every step.

Predicting Resource Requirements

edison365’s IT demand management tools help to calculate the true resources needed and costs associated with future IT projects, so you can easily mitigate risk.

Slow Evaluation

Streamline and simplify the IT project evaluation process, meaning you’re more likely to get IT projects to the finish line faster.


Explore our Innovation and Portfolio Management Office White Paper

Written by Chief Innovation Officer Ivan Lloyd, discover how organizations currently operate and the need to integrate your innovation and execution into a single entity.

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How edison365 supports global IT departments with IT demand management tools

Bring all your IT demands into one central location, assess, assign, manage, and analyze everything! With complete transparency and visibility, enable your IT team to support rapid progress toward organizational goals.

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IT Demand Management FAQs

What is IT Demand Management?

IT demand management refers to the careful planning and execution of much-needed IT services throughout an organization. Everything from managing resources to prioritizing the right tasks and challenges.

Many businesses rely on technology for smooth-running operations, and these IT demands can scale quickly. That’s why it is key to utilize IT demand management tools like those found in edison365.

edison365 offers very capable and effective IT demand management tools. Teams can manage their entire IT demand process (and optimize it from the ground up) in one central location. 

With total transparency, IT teams can improve communication, Ctrl, Alt, and Delete inconsistent processes, and identify the benefits of the hard work they do behind the scenes in just a few clicks. 

In simpler terms, edison365 does stack up against many other IT demand management tools.  

For more information on our various licensing options, please visit our licensing page. 

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