Empower your team with gamification and challenge them to reach their potential with leaderboards, medals, and more.
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Maximize your use of a transformative platform

Gamify your team’s workload to drive edison365 adoption, ensuring you’re making the most of unrivalled tools and features. Gamification makes edison365 stick, pushing users to contribute, collaborate, and recognize peers in one single app.

Create a culture of recognition and rewards 

Build a healthier culture that embraces recognition. edison365 allows users to star-rate idea submissions, collect points, and earn medals. And as users climb the leaderboard, decide on certain rewards to cash in their hard-earned points!
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Jump into employee engagement reports 

Analyze key engagement metrics and know when it’s time to rally employees to reach their full potential. Engagement reports remove the guesswork and reveal your team’s current focus, contributions and more. See it all with robust reporting. 

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Gamification FAQs

What is gamification?

Gamification is all about implementing game mechanics in non-game settings. This is often present in environments such as education, business, or healthcare. It’s about driving engagement and encouraging action.


Whether it’s to introduce a competitive edge to a mathematics class as a schoolteacher or ensure an entire team is contributing ideas as a business leader, gamification makes everyday life more enjoyable and challenging.  


And when introduced in business, gamification sees teams thriving with improved productivity and performance, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

There are plenty of ways to introduce gamification in edison365. With complete configuration control, choose what interactions result in points and how many points can be earned. Helping you steer engagement in the direction that matters most to your business!

For example, if your current focus is on ideation, you can increase points for user submissions. That way, you’ll see innovative ideas roll into your edison365 environment!

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