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Make key decisions with total confidence 

Build a standardized process for creating and analyzing all your business cases. edison365’s business case management software helps steer your team’s efforts in the direction of current business goals and priorities.  

Foresee risks and challenges

Keep an entire team, department, or individual accountable. Whether it’s financial planning, risk management, or benefit analysis. Assigning ownership to these stages allows you to monitor the success and outcomes of approved projects with ease 

Foresee risks and challenges

Gain clear-cut insights of the numbers that will bring your projects closer to success with financial analysis. Business is a numbers game, so maximize ROI while staying in budget with edison365. 

Make every dollar count

Allocate resources efficiently to maximize the chances of successful project management. From your workforce to state-of-the-art equipment. Know where everything is and where it should be to achieve your goals.

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Manage your projects in real time with feedback features in a fully collaborative environment. No lengthy meetings, no hiccups, and no ideas left on read. Our business case management software is for everyone to come together and achieve great things. 

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Foresee risks and challenges


How global brands leverage business case management software in edison365


So, you’ve spotted the need for change – whether it’s due to a business challenge, strategic goal, or a brand-new opportunity or idea. Let’s jot down your initial thoughts and begin crafting a proposal. 

Customizable templates

  • You decide what information is critical to include at this stage.

  • You might opt for minimal data capture for a lean process.


Time to identify and document the needs and wants of your stakeholders. You can even divvy up roles among your sponsors, experts, and supporters for their nods of approval later in the process.

Data-savvy tables

  • Generate cost estimates, pinpoint potential benefits, and assess the risks linked to your business case  

  • Make use of automatic calculation functions for gathering accurate data


Don’t leave anything to guesswork. Delve into every detail and make sure you’ve got the business case fully updated with all the important information, ready for review.

Powerful Gantt Charts

  • Get a sense of timelines and effort involved 

Precise resource management

  • Forecast any kind of resource requirements

  • Get a handle on what you need to allocate a budget for.

Optimized templates

  • As your case evolves, you have control over what information is shown and is mandatory to complete.


Now, time to get serious and understand what will bring you the best ROI! At the prioritization stage, it’s about making smarter choices as you evaluate the viability, benefits, costs, and risks of each option, backed by data.  

Not only that, but you can also get final feedback from experts before escalating for final approval. 

Insightful card views

  • Gain a laser focus over multiple business cases at once for effective prioritization.

Robust workflows

  • Design conditional workflows and request input from your subject matter experts.

  • Make sure the proposal ticks all the boxes with a predefined checklist of what matters most. 


Will it be a game-changer or deal-breaker? At this stage, with all the information to hand, your company collectively decides whether to move forward with your project initiative.  

Automate with pre-defined workflows

  • With pre-defined workflows, sit back and watch your business cases be automatically sent to key stakeholders for review. Including checklists for various individuals can make this step easy and efficient.   


You’ve been given the green light, so you’re all set to build on what’s been approved and kick off your plan into action.  

End-to-end Project Management 

  • Let edison365 do all the heavy lifting, and seamlessly move all business case information into a live project.
  • Make use of even more sophisticated project management features during execution.

Business case management FAQs

What is business case management?

Business case management is all about developing and evaluating new ideas, projects, and investments. It’s the process of taking an opportunity and running it through a criterion before turning it into a proposal for senior management. It’s all about determining whether an idea is possible and how it aligns with current business ambitions.

Connecting with your Active Directory is simple, and through edison365 your team can harness the power of Microsoft 365.

Jump back into a familiar environment with experiences driven by Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer and Delve.

As many as you need! edison365 makes it easy to create and analyze all your business cases in one place. Never put a limit on the ideas of your team and document everything to build a goldmine of opportunities.

Business case management software helps organizations centralize, standardize and govern new ideas and opportunities. Without it, teams are left juggling the many stages of ideation, analysis, and approval that forms business case management.

business case management software like edison365 streamlines the entire process and gives companies a repeatable blueprint to assess all business cases with data-led decision-making, confidence and momentum.

When it comes to business case management software, edison365 is second to none. Through live collaborative features, process automation and approval tools, our platform outshines most applications.

And for teams still stuck in the dark ages of business case management with the likes of Microsoft Word and Excel, our business case management software offers a revolutionary solution as a business case management software.


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