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An engaged and listened to workforce is created by providing the environment where employees can reach their full potential; in a culture where creativity can flourish and new ideas for innovations created.

Engage to Succeed

Placing people at the heart of business strategy drives the outcomes and objectives an organization needs to thrive. This level of employee engagement requires an organisation to embrace their employee’s voice, and at the same time to challenge its employees to reach horizons that are yet uncovered.

HR Leaders, Business Unit Directors and Innovation Leaders are all looking at how they can motivate their teams, increase productivity and reach their organizational goals with zero friction, removing the risk of a disengaged and demotivated workforce.

Progressive Leaders seek positive employee challenge to understand how the status quo can be squashed and new innovations and horizons achieved.

Seeking that challenge in a structured Employee Engagement program, instantly ignites deeper employee engagement, commitment to succeed and empowerment to improve.

edison365’s Employee Engagement Solution supports organizations who are looking to invest in their employee’s, knowledge and ideas to increase overall engagement, resulting in greater employee satisfaction, retention and organizational objective attainment.

edison365 helps organizations to listen and act

Listen to the Voice of Employees

With edison365, organizations can proactively challenge and seek employee's ideas to their key challenges. From departmental pressures to company-wide initiatives, all employees from front line through to office workers can now all contribute and respond to their organization's needs.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Culture isn't just created, it requires a sustained level of corporate tone of voice, re-enforcement and understanding that engagement and a breaking of the boundaries is an acceptable and enforced approach. It is when this environment is embedded that employees will feel the ability to bypass perceived barriers and hierarchies to share their creative thinking.

Reward and Recognise Employees

The recognition of employee ideas by peers or senior colleagues can swiftly be achieved with edison365's employee engagement solution. Triaged ideas can be voted on by key stakeholders, departments or the whole company; rapidly bringing an employee's ideas to life, giving the recognition deserved.

Banish Disengagement

The cost to an organisation of a disengaged workforce is real. From increased sickness absence, reduced productivity and poor customer experiences. However, an engaged and empowered workforce is productive, happy but as importantly, thriving to achieve organizational goals and recommend their friends and former colleagues to join their working environment.

Drive Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of many organizations. From new product development, devising efficient internal processes, new tools and adoption of technologies to the most innovative ways to serve clients. Innovation will only succeed when its adopted and that adoption will be even faster when your employees are behind its creation.

Embracing Voice of the Employee

Kier Group, a multinational construction organization, use edison365ideas to capture the Voice of their employees and to advance idea creation.

Take a look at this short video to find out more.

Harness the Voice of your Employees

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