for Employee Engagement

Motivate and mobilize your people to support
decision making and ensure their voices are heard

Engage and listen to your workforce

Invest in a platform to capture your employees’ knowledge and voice. Increase overall engagement and satisfaction with a culture where creativity can flourish and pay for the organization.

Employees Voice

Give your employees a voice

With edison365, organizations can proactively overcome challenges and make ideas pay through their employee’s voice. From departmental pressures to company-wide initiatives, all employees from front-line through to office workers can contribute and respond to their organization’s needs.

Put employees at the heart of your business

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Improve team morale and collaboration

Enable the sharing of ideas and knowledge

Reward and recognition

The recognition of employees’ ideas by peers or senior colleagues, can easily be achieved with edison365’s Employee Engagement solution.

Ideas can be voted on by key stakeholders, departments or the whole company; rapidly bringing an employee’s ideas to life, giving the recognition deserved. When gamification is enabled employees can collect points and claim rewards on the platform.

Reward motivated employees

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Company wide recognition

Continued engagement in innovation

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Culture of Innovation

Create a culture of innovation

Start your ideas economy and create a culture of innovation by engaging employees through ideation. edison365 provides an environment that helps employees bypass perceived barriers and hierarchies to share their creative thinking for the benefit of the business.

Drive internal innovation


Overcome current organization challenges

New Ideas

Enable creativity and new ideas

Banish disengagement

The cost of a disengaged workforce to the organization is real. From increased sickness absence, reduced productivity and poor customer experiences. However, an engaged and empowered workforce is productive, happy but as importantly, thriving to achieve organizational goals.

Banish Disengagement

Greater alignment with organization objectives

Increase Productivity


Continued engagement in innovation

Engage with us

Banish Disengagement

Gamification for engagement

The gamification features within edison365ideas are designed to encourage engagement and recognize employee effort.

Employees can:

  • Gain points for completing activities
  • Vote for their favorite ideas
  • Claim rewards using points earned

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