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end to end innovation

End-to-end innovation

Nurture your end-to-end innovation process in a single environment. From capturing and evaluating new ideas to successful implementation. edison365 helps teams stay accountable and transparent with powerful workflows, reporting, and more. 

Experiment confidently

Test assumptions, break things, and carry out experiments. Innovation is for the daring, and edison365 makes it easier to mitigate risk and explore ideation from all angles without the fear of failure. 

Experiment confidently

Track progress, KPIs and realize the benefits of new ideas. Our innovation management software reveals the true impact of your hard work. Identify how your ideas are evolving and the metrics needed to determine success. 

Realize the potential of your ideas

Empower your people to do their best work with cross-functional collaboration in edison365. Never face roadblocks again on your way to triumph and employ the diverse qualities of everyone for powerful creativity and innovation.  

Build the future together
Experiment confidently

Idea evaluation

Review & progress the best ideas through a standardized process, aligned with your innovation strategy.

Crowdsource ideas

The only innovation management software to gather and host all your ideas and insights.

In-app gamification

Reward people for being innovative and taking action to facilitate healthy competition with edison365.

Bring innovation to life

Collaborate with the project execution team as they turn the most promising ideas into reality.

Data-fueled Reporting

Build superb reports for your end-to-end portfolio. Our innovation management software makes it easier than ever to stay in the know with your organization’s transformative ideas…  

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Discover all the features that power our innovation management software.

Frequently asked questions on innovation management

What is innovation management?

Innovation management refers to the nurturing of ideas through a structured process or system. It takes every component, from ideation to testing and implementation and gives organizations a far better chance and materialising new opportunities for big wins!

Innovation management software’s key purpose is to simplify the process of end-to-end innovation, i.e. developing and implementing new ideas. Only by leveraging innovation management software like edison365 can your organization truly evaluate, strategize and implement new ideas.

When looking for the right innovation management software for your organization it’s important to find a platform with features to support your goals. 

Whilst innovation management software can exist as a singular tool, we recommend looking for a more end-to-end experience. Like edison365!

From gathering and assessing new ideas, gamifying the entire innovation process, and moving ideas from drawing board to implementation – features like this make it so much easier to innovate!

So, before deciding on which innovation management software your team needs, ask what your goals are and what features will bring you closer to them! 


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