Innovation Management Software for Construction

Find your organization’s next big idea

Looking to save costs, reduce risks, and facilitate delivery? Your people may already have ideas on how to do this.

Innovation management software for construction

Create a Culture of Collaboration

Idea Management Software for construction enables true transformation.

Innovation Management Software for Construction ideas platform

The construction industry can feel like a fragmented place to work, so how do you give everyone a voice and tap into their unique areas of expertise? 


It sounds counter-intuitive, but innovation management software can help you reach offline workers – like the ones on your sites – and help them collaborate with their office-based colleagues.

With Microsoft-based innovation management software for construction, you can:

Step 1

Gather suggestions

Step 2

Choose those that compliment your business strategy

Step 3

Turn them into reality.

Broaden Your Reach with Open Innovation

Work with external experts – including your clients, partners, and academic organizations – using open innovation.


Reach out beyond your business to find the answers to your greatest challenges, such as adapting to changing regulations, reducing risks, or improving your sustainability.

Unite your teams and create a listening culture

How Innovation Management Software for Construction Works

Group 6737


Gather ideas and select the most promising

Group 6738


Assess your potential projects for risk, cost, and value

Group 6739


Turn your ideas into reality and showcase the benefits of innovation

How Companies use Innovation Management Software for Construction

Engineering & Construction
Dura Vermeer Logo

Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer is an independent family business with activities in the fields of housing, utility construction and infrastructure. With €1.5 billion in turnover and 3,500 employees, they are in the top ten companies within the Dutch construction industry.

The company is no stranger to innovation. They had achieved success with another platform and were now looking to upgrade their capability. As a result, Dura Vermeer decided to look for a new ideation partner to enable the continued growth of their innovation strategy.

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Coal, minerals & renewable energy
Haley Aldrich Icon

Haley & Aldrich

With a heritage of technical excellence and innovation since its inception in 1957, Haley & Aldrich has pioneered in the environmental and engineering industry by applying more efficient processes and new ways of applying technology to solve tough challenges. Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Haley & Aldrich employs 650 people in 31 locations, providing consistent and seamless delivery to clients across the U.S. Haley & Aldrich uses a “whole system approach” which requires a deep understanding of their customers, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies and the technical issues to deliver lasting value.
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What are the Use Cases for Innovation Management
Software for Construction?

Innovation management software for construction can be used to find solutions to any challenge facing your business.

Many construction companies use it for:

Idea Management for Construction ideas example

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