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supports excellent business transformation

Invest in the right tools and take the wheel for transformation. Check out everything edison365 offers global teams, from innovation and ideation to resource management, and more.

Choose from sophisticated or simplified workflows and define the pathway to success with flexible logic configuration; the tools to keep your team accountable. 

Focus on driving value and respond to changing priorities with tailored notifications for outstanding actions, and upcoming projects. Complete transparency to do your best work. 

Drive progress, assess bottlenecks, and assign resources with first-class Gantt Charts. Your answer to visually stunning project management in one single solution.

Invent the template that mirrors your biggest goals, and build a library fit for every purpose. With configurable templates, you gain full control over every process and approval.

Easily set your priorities straight with triage. Ensuring you choose to focus on business initiatives based on your organization’s current goals and KPIs.  

Bring your most important metrics into focus and fuel decision-making with real-time data; the perfect solution to showcasing compelling business narratives for all stakeholders. 

Configure and design the cards associated with your projects, business cases and more to boost team engagement within edison365 and highlight top-level details. 

Gamify your way to success and create highly engaged teams with user voting functions, star-rating features, and recognition capabilities.


Employ the power of AI to accelerate business transformation. From general platform support to identifying key opportunities. Utilize edison365 to its full potential.

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