Judge ideas objectively, decide where to prioritize resources, and make powerful decisions using slider-based triage features. 
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Simple controls for powerful results

Utilizing edison365’s triage sliders gives your reviewers an easy way to objectively evaluate ideas against pre-determined criteria. Do away with complex systems and leverage simple slider features to swiftly assess ideas.

Form a decision-making dream team

With sophisticated triage functions, bring anyone into key decision-making and back your next move toward success. Involve any number of voices, from entire departments to subject matter experts. 
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Customizable metrics at every stage 

Set the criteria and customize your triage sliders for every challenge. edison365’s triage function makes it easy to weigh metrics, be definitive, and make your team’s opinions clear and actionable.

Deep triage reporting  

Explore new trends, analyze the quality of employee triage results, and see which ideas are scoring high; all with edison365’s reporting API. Triage reporting offers a concise break down of triage engagement and transparency over the metrics that matter.

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Triage FAQs

What is a triage?

Triage is simple. It helps businesses assess and categorize new opportunities for innovation, based on set criteria. Triage brings diligence into the planning phase before organizations put forward resources and focus on potential ideas. That way, only the best opportunities are actioned, and teams can move confidently past the triage stage and work on promising and impactful initiatives.

With edison365, you can involve as many stakeholders as you’d like. Whether it’s a group of individuals, subject experts, or entire departments, the choice is in your hands. What’s more, you’re able to assign different reviewers for different challenges or ideas. A great way to ensure the right people collaborate, contribute and apply their skills where necessary.

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