Meet the demands of success and focus on driving value with every action 

Rise to any occasion and prioritize with total visibility and efficiency using demand management software 


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Evaluate, prioritize, and succeed with one app

Evaluate, prioritize, and succeed with one app

Create a standardized process and evaluate everything in one central location. With edison365, you can drive demand management with laser-sharp prioritization for better alignment with objectives across your business. 

Future proof your resources 2

Future-proof your resources 

Use edison365 as your own crystal ball. Foresee resource demands across your entire portfolio through deep reporting and task allocation. With insights at your disposal, you’ll know what requires more attention and where to assign resources. 

Squash risks and overcome challenges 2

Squash risks and overcome challenges 

Understand the demands on your business inside-out! From associated risks to potential challenges, measure the impact and design mitigation strategies for informed, smooth-running demand management. 

Triage demands as a collaborative powerhouse 

Give your team a voice and carry out demand management as a collaborative unit. Triage sliders make it easier to objectively review business demands and call the right shots, collectively. (Or only assign one reviewer, it’s up to you!)

Triage demands as a collaborative powerhouse 

Ensure your team is focused, and able to prioritize the right actions with sophisticated Gantt Charts. Move from demand to demand and gain an oversight of all related dependencies, obstacles, and more. 

Be resourceful with Gantt Charts

Using robust edison365 templates, make demand management stress-free and actionable with all the right tools in the right place. With complete flexibility, design your process the way you want it to work, from data collection to approvals and more. 

Templates to take your team further

Power your resource allocation and service delivery with analytical decision-making and dive into reporting in edison365 to identify what projects are providing the most business value. 

Report like an expert
Triage demands as a collaborative powerhouse 

Streamline your IT demands 

Efficiently lead your technology resources with sophisticated IT demand management, ensuring they align with your business goals using tools to plan, monitor, and manage everything IT in one central location. 

streamline image 1
streamline image 2


How global brands leverage demand management with edison365

Demand management FAQs

What is demand management?

Demand management refers to careful prioritization, optimized resource allocation, and building solid processes to tackle every business challenge and opportunity.    It’s how your business readies itself for anything, anticipating the near future with data-driven accuracy. Whether it’s supply chain issues or underutilized resources.

Mismanaged demands can crumble a business. It’s the purpose of demand management software to aid preparation. Helping teams take a “Whatever’s necessary to succeed” approach. 
Demand management software also helps organizations see the bigger picture around their projects. Where is there a demand for more resources? A demand for better attention to detail? 
Projects are never smooth sailing, and demands are made to challenge teams to be their best. Through demand management software, teams can live up to their potential through automation, deep reporting, project plans, triage features, and more

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