Using ChatGPT for innovation

Using ChatGPT for innovation

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We believe that the best ideas will still come from humans – your creativity helps you to make connections and see new angles in ways that AI cannot beat. But, AI tools like the famous ChatGPT can be helpful for giving you prompts and starting points. Here’s how to use ChatGPT for innovation!

Generate some example ideas with ChatGPT

You know your business better than the AI will, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give you a helping hand when it comes to innovation management!

If you are stuck for ideas, you can use tools like ChatGPT to generate prompts that you can build off.

For example, if you’ve been set the challenge of making your business more environmentally friendly, you could try asking it “Give me 5 ideas for reducing my office’s carbon footprint”.

ChatGPT for innovation - generating ideas

Innovative combination

We love this idea from AI enthusiast Benjamin Dehant! He’s found that one way to use ChatGPT for innovation is to ask it to combine two elements.

For example: “Give me 5 ideas for inventions that combine mobile applications and gardening.”

Innovation combinations with ChatGTP

Analyse your customer reviews

Want to dig out trends in reviews of your product or transcripts of customer interviews? Putting them into an AI and asking it to summarise them, track sentiment, or pick out certain trends.

You can take this information and work out how to make improvements or even create a whole new product.

(Check out our other tips for writing challenges!)

Find our what your target audience craves!

ChatGPT pulls information from sources around the internet, so it’s helpful for getting summaries for background research, like insights into your audience! And, don’t forget, if you need more ideas, you can ask the same question again so that your answer changes.

MicrosoftTeams image 12

Use ChatGPT for researching your next innovation challenge

Have a broad theme you’d like to make a challenge on, but aren’t sure which angle to take? You can use an AI tool for delving into the key areas you could look into. For example, if you’d like to use innovation help the environment, you could find out the key areas in your industry that need addressing.

Using ChatGTP to do background research for innovation

Coming up with the wording for a new challenge with ChatGPT

Know which issue you’d like to solve, but can’t quite get the wording down? Try asking ChatGPT! You could try asking something like “Write a question asking people to come up with ideas for making a software company greener. Use clear and simple language with emojis”.

You can then take the response and tweak the language to fit your style, then add in any extra information you need.

MicrosoftTeams image 9

ChatGPT for innovation

For now, AI tools like ChatGPT are useful as idea generation or analysis tools, but they cannot replace the knowledge you have of your business. Only you will know which ideas are feasible and which should be consigned to the virtual trash can.

And if you don’t know – have no fear! Innovation management software like edison365 is designed specifically to address that – put your ideas in, receive feedback and triage them, analyse which ones promise the best ROI, and finally, turn them into real-life projects. This is something that ChatGPT can’t help with just yet.

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