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What is project management software?

Project management software is a tool used for delivering successful projects and programs, and turning ideas into business value. Using software makes it easier for remote teams to work together on the same project and ensures that communication is maintained at all stages.

This software also enables you to plan and manage your team’s work, including assigning ownership and monitoring bottlenecks, making your projects run smoother.

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How project management software helps your organization

There are so many variables to consider when managing projects, including the number of people involved, potential risks and the projected cost.


While to-do lists and Excel documents can help list out all the tasks associated with a project, they don’t enable real-time updates or project tracking.

You need project management software to:

Project management software is the final piece of the puzzle when driving change. Without a structured and governed process underpinned by the right technology, you won’t be able to execute projects accurately and realize the necessary benefits.

How edison365 supports project management

How edison365 supports project management

By adopting project management software, you gain a set of common standards, with the aim of democratizing, socializing and optimizing the process to make it easier for everyone involved. Everyone can easily access a single point to view all ongoing projects, rather than having to hunt through different folders for spreadsheets and word documents. The easier it is to find projects, the easier it is to keep them up to date.

Simple to use, sophisticated enterprise feature set

edison365projects is project management software built for Microsoft 365 and designed to improve transparency and collaboration. Defined by your ways of working, you can easily configure forms and templates that reflect your in-house processes.


Easily connected to the rest of the edison365 suite, you can create an end-to-end process to take ideas from the drawing board through to the balance sheet.

Capture ideas with our innovation management softwareedison365ideas – and effectively evaluate them in edison365businesscase for increased benefit realization during project implementation.

Small but beautifully formed: Aster Group

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, which can often make it difficult to find project management software capable of suiting all project types. Our customer, Aster Group, enabled teams to manage their own small-scale projects with easily configurable templates:

Aster Group - for business case software quote
“There are teams within Aster that did use Project online, found it overly complicated for what they needed. These are teams that just want to manage their own mini projects, these aren’t projects that get reported to boards, but they want the functionality to manage them. Now they’ve migrated on to edison365projects, it is so much easier for them, because it is that much simpler for them to use”

- Derek Wilkes, Assistant Director of PMO, Aster Group.

Cisco creates an assembly line for innovation

Cisco used edison365Suite to create a seamless and holistic process for converting ideas into realized value for the business. The software offers an easy-to-use platform for executing projects.

“I see edison365 as an assembly line for innovation, from idea to value generation, with a ready-to-go product at the end”

- Artem Ignatenko, Innovation Development Manager of Customer Experience Organization at Cisco

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