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Use an open innovation platform to draw on the expertise of all your stakeholders

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Open the door to innovation and let great ideas in

Open innovation aligns your innovation strategy to service user requirements by embracing your organization’s ecosystem of external stakeholders and listening to their insights on challenges.

edison365 Open Innovation enables you to leverage the collective experience of customers, partners and suppliers to develop ideas into great, practical solutions.

Stay ahead of competition

Broaden your pool of expertise by reaching out to external stakeholders. Access new ideas using a single platform.

Build a strong ecosystem

Understand what external stakeholders need from your organization and engage with them to build communities that support your ideas economy.

Create new products and/or services

Make innovation a priority and work with others to uncover new revenue streams. Discover incremental or radical changes that could improve your existing product and/or services

Kwintes - an open innovation client

Find out how healthcare provider Kwintes gained valuable insights from its clients in our success story.

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Set Challenges

Direct your innovators’ focus onto key challenges and strategic problems your organization is facing.

Screenshot of gathering ideas in an open innovation platform

Gather Ideas

Collect ideas from everyone in or out of your organization.

Screenshot - progressing ideas in an open innovation platform

Progress Ideas

With integration into the wider edison365 stack, you can progress, justify, and execute the most valuable ideas.

Key Benefits of Open Innovation

Rapid deployment

Quickly and easily deploy edison365 over the cloud


Configure the tool to your internal innovation processes

Microsoft 365

Benefit from integration with familiar Microsoft 365 applications

Choose your audience

Target specific stakeholders or open innovation up to your entire ecosystem

Idea to value

Take ideas from the drawing board to the balance sheet

Social login

Log in with email or social media accounts

Applications for Open Innovation

Higher Education

Pose challenges to other faculties, institutions, and wider communities to ensure that your research efforts are relevant.

Volunteer and beneficiary experience

Discuss the impact of services with beneficiaries and begin to shape improvements based on their feedback and insights.

New product development

Engage the entire supply chain to understand new product requirements. Select focus groups to feed back on challenges and allow them to offer expert insight, no matter where they are.


What is an open innovation platform?

An open innovation platform enables businesses to gather ideas from external sources, such as clients, partner organizations and academics. It provides a centralized place to capture and review suggestions before turning them into reality.

Why use open innovation?

Seeking ideas from external organizations gives you access to a greater diversity of opinion and experience, without having to hire in extra talent or use paid sources such as focus groups.

Using an open innovation platform to enable your clients and partner organizations to have their say on new ideas for the business will instantly create a link with them and make them feel that your business cares about them. It also provides a tailored and personalized aspect to your company’s service or products that inspires loyalty in clients.

Finally, open innovation can be a great way to pool your knowledge with other organizations, such as research institutes, partners and people in the same industry.

For example, some construction companies are looking to use open innovation to share knowledge on changes to environmental legislation and improve their sustainability. This will enable them all to learn from each other’s mistakes and individual areas of expertise.

How do you carry out open innovation?

The most successful open innovation campaigns have a clear strategy in mind, along with effective communication. It’s important to ensure that those taking part know what they need to do and why you’re asking them to do it. Many organizations find it helpful to use innovation challenges – just as they would for internal innovation – as these tend to result in a more focused set of ideas.

Open the door to innovation and let great ideas in

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