Delivering IT Demand Management for the Modern Workplace

Simplified processes, Better decisions, Faster benefits

With technology becoming more complex in almost every department of the modern workplace, enterprises need a way to manage their IT demand pipeline against capacity.

Types of IT Demand

As companies adapt to the modern workplace the IT department must deal with a variety of business demands. Some of them are planned, but often time there’s an influx of unplanned demands that come through the door. These requests typically fall into four key categories:

Strategic Demand

edison365 enables you to gather and evaluate those major business impacting projects faster.

Tactical Demand

edison365 enables you to manage and organize your routine requests with simplicity.

Application Enhancements

edison365 gives you a simplified process to view and manage requests for upgrades or revisions to existing applications and processes.

Operational Demand

edison365 makes management of core IT operations faster with one portal and user accountability.

Your Challenges

Any successful business model needs to be built on the effective management of demand as well as supply. As technology keeps evolving, bringing more complexity into the picture, the typical IT department is leveraged to keep on trying to keep up with all the business demands.

It’s also caught in the dilemma of quickly delivering a project without understanding how the project is aligned to the overall business strategy and what long term value they bring to the company. Some of the specific IT Demand Management challenges that edison365 solves:

Inconsistent Processes

When requests for the IT department are coming from several different directions, and in several different formats, it becomes problematic to manage. edison365 gives you one portal and a process for all departments to follow.

Benefit Realization

As part of the business, everything IT provides must have real business value. edison365 allows IT to articulate where IT spend supports business value, and how it enables business goal achievement.

Justifying Projects

With business moving quickly and IT requests coming from several different departments, projects may be selected based on the sponsor and not necessarily based on the right reasons. edison365 provides a system that allows IT to be involved in the project approval processes.

Lack of Transparency

IT requests and projects are often scattered which makes it hard to see what's in the IT pipeline and to show others what projects have been completed. edison365 gives consolidated view of all projects (including past projects), along with who is accountable.

Lack of Communication

The IT department needs an integrated space to communicate with the rest of the business units. edison365 includes an easy to use collaboration feature that allows IT and business users to work together on projects at every step.

Watch edison365 in action

Take a look at this short video to get a snapshot of edison365 and its powerful interface, built to help you maximize your workflow, integrate your processes and stand up to the most demanding project requests.

Harness the power of IT Demand Management

Built for Office 365

The edison365 suite of modules all harness the power of Microsoft Office 365 with experiences driven by Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer and Delve. All data is owned and stored within the customer’s tenant. Connecting to your Active Directory, employees use a single login to access Office 365 and edison365, providing a consistent experience across all devices and browsers that requires zero training.

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