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How is innovation software used?

Innovation software helps you to generate, nurture and implement innovation – at speed.
Innovation software serves as an engine room for innovation, empowering employees (even those working offline) to contribute ideas and drive change, preventing ideas from being overlooked and providing a quick way to evaluate a large quantity of ideas.


It enables you to capture ideas against your organization’s strategy, facilitates collaboration and provides a standardized and transparent approach for idea selection and evaluation.

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Why should you care about innovation?

Innovation enables your organization to:

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Interested in learning more about innovation management and strategy?

Check out our blogs on the key to good ideation, the 8 pillars of innovation culture and building an employee-led innovation strategy.

How could you benefit from innovation software?

By adopting innovation software, you democratize innovation within your entire organization, broadening your pool of expertise and unlocking fresh perspectives.

End-to-end innovation and delivery software

The edison365 suite is an innovation and delivery platform built for Microsoft 365. It enables you to easily crowdsource solutions, justify their implementation and gain a transparent view of your entire innovation portfolio to generate measurable results.
Example of innovation and idea management - suggestion for reducing carbon footprint

Use edison365ideas innovation software to crowdsource employee ideas and suggestions. Easily collaborate within Microsoft Teams and triage ideas against your organization’s strategic priorities. Progress ideas with the most potential into edison365businesscase. Evaluate ideas and identify potential costs, risks, resource requirements, and business benefits. Then turn them into actionable projects defined by your ways of working in edison365projects.

Innovating at Kwintes

Based in the Netherlands, Kwintes is one of the country’s largest providers of mental health care, supporting clients with psychiatric or psychosocial problems. With over 1,100 client care facilities, they provide tailor-made care to those with multiple and complex problems, helping clients with their living situation, work and developing an independent life.

As Kwintes has an existing investment in Microsoft 365, edison365ideas had familiar UI, so they could quickly configure the instance to their corporate identity.



The innovation software platform enables the entire organization to get involved, and allows them to vote on ideas, highlighting the popularity and potential impact of them.


Why is innovation software important?

Enterprise-level businesses use innovation management software to capture ideas and store them in a centralized, easy-to-manage location. It prevents valuable suggestions from being lost and helps organizations turn them into reality.

Use cases include: 

  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Improving efficiency
  • Developing new products and services
  • Boosting employee engagement and retention
  • Becoming more environmentally friendly

Who uses innovation software?

Innovation software is used by innovation and business change teams to get ideas from people across their company – and beyond – to help solve key challenges, boost competitiveness or reduce environmental impact.

How does innovation software support innovation?

By using innovation management software, companies reduce the risk of valuable ideas being lost. Having a centralized area for gathering and triaging ideas also improves transparency and accelerates innovation and change management processes. Built-in reporting often enables teams to showcase the value of ideas and keep key stakeholders informed.

Having dedicated innovation software in place also helps when trying to establish a culture of idea sharing. It shows that your business views innovation as a priority and that you are willing to listen to your people.

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