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What is innovation software?

Innovation software helps organizations to generate, nurture and implement innovation – at speed. It empowers companies to capture ideas against its strategy, facilitates collaboration and provides a standardized and transparent approach for idea selection and evaluation, driving the right ideas at an accelerated rate.

With the help of innovation software, organizations can effectively deliver on their innovation objectives and demonstrate the value of their innovation efforts.

Why should you care about innovation software?

The ability to innovate can play a key factor in an organization’s competitiveness, economic viability, continuous growth, and efficiency. Innovation software serves as an engine room for innovation, enabling you to manage a portfolio of ideas in one place and move them through the innovation pipeline. Customizable to the organizations needs and requirements, it also helps to streamline the innovation management process. 

Innovation software further empowers employees to contribute ideas and drive change, preventing ideas from being overlooked and providing a quick way to evaluate a large quantity of ideas.

How could you benefit from innovation software?

By adopting innovation software, you democratize innovation to your entire organization, broadening your pool of expertise and unlocking perspectives for efficiency innovations and new revenue streams. 

Innovation software also helps to build a culture of innovation and learning, facilitating an environment where creativity is encouraged and is actively rewarded. Not only does this increase engagement but it also has a positive impact on retention.  

ideation software

Recognize everyday brilliance and harness knowledge at scale.

Align innovation to your strategic objectives. 

Build a culture of innovation and learning.

Enable collaboration and engage all levels of your employee community. 

Support both top-down and bottom-up innovation.

Powerful reporting of your entire portfolio. 

Making ideas pay

Benefits management has never been more important; however, a huge number of organizations are passive in their management of benefits. Innovation software puts a spotlight on benefits management and realization, ensuring proposed benefits are captured at the ideation phase and passed on throughout the process to evaluation and execution.

Having a tool that supports end-to-end innovation and delivery management naturally encourages business cases to be revisited after the innovation is implemented, so the full benefits are realized. A complete end-to-end innovation platform furthers makes it easy to build reports and demonstrate the value from innovation efforts. 

End-to-end innovation and delivery software

The edison365 suite is the only innovation and delivery platform built for Microsoft 365. It enables you to easily crowdsource solutions, justify their implementation and gain a transparent view of your entire portfolio to generate measurable results to Make ideas pay.

Use edison365ideas to crowdsource employee ideas and suggestions. Easily collaborate within Microsoft Teams and triage ideas against your organization’s strategic priorities. Progress ideas with the most potential into edison365businesscase. Evaluate ideas and identify potential costs, risks, resource requirements, and business benefit. Then turn them into actionable projects defined by your ways of working in edison365projects.

Innovating at Kwintes

Based in the Netherlands, our customers Kwintes is one of the country’s largest providers of mental health care, supporting clients with psychiatric or psychosocial problems. With over 1,100 client care facilities, they provide tailor-made care to those with multiple and complex problems, helping clients with their living situation, work and developing an independent life.

Kwintes initially launched their Innovation Lab, powered by edison365ideas, to the board. They identified 4 ideas that could have a real impact on their services, one of which was Tinybot Tessa. Tessa is a small robotic helper that helps patients create structure in their day with reminders to get out of bed, get dressed, and take their medicine.

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