What is idea software?

If we’ve learnt anything over the last few years, it’s the value of innovation. Without innovation a business is bound to stagnate and struggle to compete.

How can idea software help with this?

Innovation can’t exist in a vacuum, there’s good ideas for disruptive change and small-scale process improvements within your business right this second, you just need a way of capturing them. This is where ideas software comes in.

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Why should you care about idea software?

Idea software helps you to collect, develop and triage ideas aligned to your strategic priorities to ensure that only the ideas best suited to your organization’s needs are taken forward to generate value.  

edison365ideas is idea management software built for Microsoft 365 and designed to take ideas from the drawing board on to the balance sheet. Easily connected to the rest of the edison365 suite, you can evaluate ideas and accelerate benefit realization in edison365businesscase then turn them into actionable projects defined by your ways of working in edison365projects.

How idea software helps your organization

  • Promote collaboration and engagement
  • Capture employee ideas to create value
  • Communicate and drive change across the organization

Many organizations harness employee ideas through hackathons, suggestion boxes or email threads, but the problem with these is that they create some of the
most common pitfalls for innovation as they’re often unstructured and lack of transparency; employees can’t track the progression of the idea and there’s no way to collaborate for further idea development.

What are the benefits of idea software?

Investing in idea software is the same as investing in employee ideas. You unlock the power of the collective brain and harness knowledge at scale. By connecting with your employees, you can gain insight and ideas on challenges impacting your organization from the ground floor.

Increase employee engagement

Centralize platform for innovation

Generate cost saving ideas

Increase collaboration

Reduce time from idea to implementation

Delivering results with idea software

One of our customers, Haley & Aldrich already had a culture focused on innovation and investing in their people, but they just needed the right mechanism to carry that into idea management. They chose to underpin their culture of innovation with edison365ideas. Now employees feel like their ideas are being heard and can now track the progress themselves.

“We identified $1 Million of lost revenue per annum through the collection of ideas submitted through edison365ideas. That was within the first few months of turning the system live and so we’re excited for what other impactful ideas are put forward in the future.” Ben Chandler, Chief Innovation Officer, Haley & Aldrich.

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Not every return is financial

Investing in innovation does not only lead to hard dollar cash savings but can also offer you new product ideas.

One of our customers, Kwintes, a leading mental health provider in the Netherlands was able to put innovation at its heart and identified an idea that could help patients improve their daily routines and ease the workload for their teams.

Tinybot Tessa came from a single idea but had a huge impact on the organization:

“Tessa helps clients with the basics, so our employees can do other things. Reminding clients to do things like take their medicine and such can be time consuming, but with Tessa our employees can focus on helping clients to achieve their goals.”

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Kwintes support patient independence with edison365ideas

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