A unique platform to justify
the value of ideas

Rapid justification to accelerate valuable deliverables
gain transparency in business case creation and justification,
across your organization.
Transparent and repeatable method of capturing
business case data
gain transparency in business case creation and justification,
across your organization.
Implement the ideas that will pay for your organization
gain transparency in business case creation and justification,
across your organization.

Business Case transparency

Through an engaging user interface, gain departmental or organization-wide visibility of all business cases in the pipeline.

Rapid evaluation

Spot trends, identify bottlenecks and easily demonstrate benefit realization for any idea

Align Process

Align to your process

Build multiple templates, forms and approval stages aligned to your own processes and financial sign off limits

Complete visibility

Understand the cost, benefit, resource requirements and ROI across the entire portfolio of business case

Repeatable ways
of working

Highly configurable and tailorable to match your organization’s needs, build the perfect template for each size or type of business case.

Accurate forecasting

Immediately understand the financial and resourcing requirements of each business case with interactive and highly visual roadmaps and tables.

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World leading companies trust edison365businesscase

  • Group-394
    edison365businesscase and Teams

    Users can access the full functionality of edison365businesscase within Microsoft Teams, making collaborating on work easy. Seamlessly add business cases to channels or tabs within Teams, enhancing the users’ experience when capturing business case data and progressing through approval stages.

  • Group-395
    edison365businesscase and Yammer

    Keep employees engaged and up to date with the innovation activity through Yammer. As the default application used for discussions in edison365businesscase, easily extend conversations about ideas and challenges across your organization.

  • Group-396
    edison365businesscase and SharePoint

    edison365businesscase utilizes SharePoint Online for user authentication, supporting single sign-on and seamless access to the platform. All documents saved within edison365businesscase are stored in SharePoint Online, providing a centralized location for sharing and collaboration.

  • Group-397
    edison365businesscase and Power BI

    With the ability to report on any data within edison365businesscase, Power BI is leveraged to build insightful management reports. Report on cost, benefit and resource requirements across one or more business cases to understand potential impact on live and future work.

  • Group-398
    edison365businesscase and Delve

    With links to Delve, individuals can easily view who is responsible for a business case and stages of review. Helping to reduce bottlenecks with complete transparency of who is responsible for what.

  • Group-399
    edison365businesscase and Azure

    All business case data is stored centrally in Azure SQL databases within your Microsoft 365 cloud, meaning you can access it easily and securely from anywhere. Benefit from the GDPR and security capabilities this provides.

  • Group-400
    edison365projects and Project Online

    Once a business case has been approved, seamlessly transfer the data into edison365projects or integrate with Microsoft Project Online to reap the benefits of a successful delivery

How edison365businesscase integrates with Microsoft 365

edison365 harnesses the power of Microsoft 365 with experiences driven by Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer and Delve. Connecting to your Active Directory, employees use a single login to access Office 365 and edison365businesscase.

Core Features

Clear Justification

Gain visibility of financial, resource and schedule requirements. Plan and track real benefits and payback.

  • Costs
  • Resource Requirements
  • Predicted Benefits
  • Risks

Effectively understand the predicted costs of the business case in a table format. Include details such as cost type and categories, along with periodic data to show when the cost will be incurred.

Utilize intuitive resource demand tables within business case templates, quickly uncover what types of resources are required over the life of the investment. Users can switch between multiple visualizations to allow effective engagement with data.

Ensure the expected benefits of a business cases are recognized and made visible to reviewers. Compare benefits with costs and identify expected return on investment with an intuitive investment appraisal chart. Seamlessly carry these benefits through to project delivery in edison365projects to ensure they are realized and held accountable for.

Reveal risks associated with a business case to help with decision making. Recognize key information such as the impact, probability of success, mitigation plans and contingency costs across all risks. Configure fields to provide as much or as little detail needed for your internal processes.

Rapid Approval

Accelerate the approval with a process designed by your own ways of working

  • Configurable Process
  • Timelines
  • Reviewers
  • Personalized Access

With configurable business case templates decide what information is included and what approval process you want each business cases type to go through, including appropriate timescales at each stage.

With interactive schedule views, rapidly understand the anticipated project timescales for deliverables. Visually appreciate the requirements for potential
future work.

Easily assign reviewers to each approval stage of the business case. Understand who’s got the ball and immediately act to accelerate the process.

With full access control, views are available depending on individual permission and approval rights. For each business case type set up admins who can edit the template, along with owners who can create and manage the work of that type. Read only views are also available. With email notifications, stay aware of what you need to review and when a business case has moved to the next stage.

Effective Collaboration

Gain complete visibility of changes and collaborate effectively using Microsoft 365 collaboration tools.

  • Teams
  • Yammer
  • Task Owners
  • Version Control

Enable effective collaboration with integration with Microsoft Teams. Link a business case to one or more team and easily view and manage the work without
leaving the Microsoft Teams environment, keeping team communications in one place.

Continue business case discussions in Yammer and keep your organization engaged and updated about business case progress in a central location.

Through its intuitive user interface, assign owners to tasks with ease. With Delve integration, users’ profiles are visible in edison365businesscase, providing transparency and accountability and the ability to easily find resources with related skill sets or project experience.

Create an entire audit trail to easily demonstrate changes that have been made, save a version of each business case and ensure users consistently view the most up to date information. Saving a new version can be manually selected or automatically triggered.


Drive user adoption with complete transparency and ease of use.

  • Home Page
  • Personal Page
  • Discover Page
  • Branding

Through an engaging user interface, gain visibility of all business cases and their status within the portfolio. Immediately identify the type, current stage and owner of the business case displayed on each card.

The personal page provides individual users with a highly intuitive view of all relevant information to accelerate approval, including the business cases they own, are managing or reviewing. Gain immediate insight into who’s got the ball in order to make informed decisions and accelerate the process.

Gain quick access to business cases of interest across the organization by visiting the Discover page. Focus in on key cases by business area, owner and other key designations.

Drive adoption by quickly and easily changing the theme of edison365businesscase to suit your organizations branding. Simply insert your own banner image and adjust the logos and colours used throughout the tool.

Detailed Reporting

Fully appreciate the impact of future work with detailed management reporting.

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Third Party Tool

Quickly access understandable data, enabling users to make increasingly informed decisions about which projects will benefit the business most. Report on any data within edison365businesscase, build meaningful reports and rapid breakdowns to fully appreciate the resource demand potential across of business cases across your organization.

Already using a management reporting tool? Report on any edison365businesscase data by connecting the reporting tool to your Microsoft Azure SQL database.


Use edison365businesscase stand alone or part of the edison365 suite to deliver end-to-end business transformation.

  • edison365ideas
  • edison365projects
  • Microsoft 365

Transfer ideas from edison365ideas into edison365businesscase to rapidly justify them and ensure your organization is moving the ideas forward that will deliver the most impact, aligned to your overall strategy. edison365ideas is a unified idea and innovation management solution that creates the freedom to crowdsource ideas and evaluate them against configured KPI’s.

Once business cases have been approved, successfully deliver on key organizational transformations and ensure the benefits are realized within edison365projects. Easily transfer information such as the project schedule, resources demand, risk, benefits and more to avoid duplication of work and loss of information.

Currently using Project Online to deliver your innovation portfolio? Pull business case data from your Azure SQL database to immediately start planning and executing in your Project Online platform.

What do our customers think?

Engineering & Construction
Haley & Aldrich

"We identified $1M of lost revenue per annum through the collection of ideas submitted through edison365ideas. That was within the first few months of turning the system live "

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Local & Regional Government
South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council empowers decision makers with edison365projects and Project Online.

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Coal, minerals & renewable energy

"With 6,000 users across multiple locations and with varying technical capabilities it was essential that the idea platform we selected was user friendly"

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"Nothing else that we reviewed or tested matched our requirements, edison365ideas is delivering over and above what we need and expected"

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