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IT Demand Management

Effectively manage your IT resources

Centralize requests, communication, project evaluation and accountability in one easy-to-use tool.

As companies adapt to the modern workplace, the IT department must deal with a variety of business demands, often having to find a balance between the influx of planned and unplanned requests.

These typically fall into four key categories:

Strategic Demand

Gather and evaluate those major business-impacting projects faster.

Tactical Demand

Manage and organize your routine requests with simplicity.

Application Enhancements

Create a simplified process to view and manage requests for upgrades or revisions to existing applications and processes.

Operational Demand

Enable management of core IT operations faster with one portal and user accountability.

Your challenges

Any successful business model needs to be built on the effective management of IT demand, as well as supply. As technology keeps evolving, bringing more complexity into the picture, more is expected of the typical IT department.


IT teams also face the dilemma of quickly delivering projects without understanding how they are aligned to the overall business strategy and the long-term value they bring to the company.

Your challenges

Here are some of the specific IT demand management challenges that edison365 solves:

Inconsistent processes

edison365 gives you one portal and process for all departments to follow, providing a more consistent view of incoming and ongoing requests.

Benefit realization

edison365 allows you to articulate where IT spend supports business value, and how it enables business goal achievement.

Lack of transparency

edison365 gives a consolidated view of all projects in the pipeline (including past projects), and their status along with who is accountable. No more lost spreadsheets!

Predicting resource requirements

Properly calculate the true resources needed for and costs associated with future IT projects, so you can easily mitigate risk.

High operational costs

Spend less time and resources on getting IT projects planned and through the pipeline.

Justifying projects

edison365 provides a system that allows IT to be involved in the project approval processes, ensuring that the right projects are executed for the right reasons.

Lack of communication

edison365 provides an integrated space that allows IT to collaborate with other business units and work together on projects at every step. It also improves collaboration within the IT team itself.

Slow evaluation

We’ve streamlined the IT project evaluation process so that you don’t get caught up in the minutiae. A simple process is much more likely to be followed and get IT projects to the finish line faster.

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How the edison365suite supports IT Demand Management

edison365 centralizes requests, communication, project evaluation, and accountability all in one easy-to-use tool that is built on your Microsoft 365 investment.


With complete transparency and visibility, you can enable your IT teams to manage and track the progress of incoming IT requests.

How the edison365suite supports IT Demand Danagement

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