for Innovation & Portfolio Management

Taking ideas from the drawing board onto the
balance sheet

A single entity responsible for end-to-end business transformation

Combine the best of two cultures and ensure that business transformation is delivered and aligned to the corporate strategy.

An Innovation and Portfolio Management Office presents an opportunity for the right ideas to move
forward, lessons to be learned and ROI to be measured on a long-term basis.

Take control of
benefit realization


Understand the value throughout the business transformation process and ensure that your benefits are correct and being realized.

Align vision, process
and standards

Process & Standards

The IPMO provides you with complete governance of the entire process, aligning business change with the overall strategy from the board level downwards.

One reporting entity

Reporting Entity

Gain access to all business transformation data in a central location and conduct more standardized and insightful reporting.

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Explore our Innovation and Portfolio Management Office White Paper
Written by Chief Innovation Officer Ivan Lloyd, discover how organizations currently operate and the need to integrate your innovation and execution into a single entity.
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Why implement an Innovation & Portfolio Management Office?

  • Current Structures
  • Innovation & Portfolio Management Office
  • Innovation is often limited to small communities, ungoverned and unmanaged
  • Organizational strategy is not widely understood or communicated
  • External influences and trends ate not evaluated and understood
  • Lack of ownership and sponsorship at an executive level
  • Benefits ate not realized. Business cases are not revisited, and lessons are not learn
  • Creates widespread involvement in the innovation process
  • Responsible for communicating and embracing the organizational strategy
  • Ability to prioritize the entire portfolio, with visibility of new ideas coming down stream, along with live projects
  • Encourages ownership at a higher level, helping to drive business transformation
  • Centrally manages, monitors and understands benefits during and after the project is executed
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How edison365 supports an Innovation & Portfolio Management Office

Our easy to use tools create transparency and visibility of value from the idea, business case justification and project execution, with tailored processes that can be defined by each individual organization. Align the tools to your strategy and key performance indicators to ensure the ideas with the highest ROI move forward and are executed. Further facilitating a central and standardized location for all reporting, edison365 enables effective benefit realization.

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Group 348
  • Group-349
    edison365 and Teams

    edison365 integrates with Microsoft Teams, creating a centralized location for team collaboration, communication and file sharing across all our modules. Link an idea, business case or project to a Teams channel and access functionality without leaving the Teams environment.

  • Group-350
    edison365 and Yammer

    Keep employees engaged and up to date with the project activity through Yammer. As the default application used for discussions in edison365 products, easily extend conversations across your organization.

  • Group-351
    edison365 and SharePoint

    edison365 modules utilize SharePoint Online for user authentication, supporting single sign-on and leveraging the power and flexibility of its content and document management capabilities for fast and efficient collaboration.

  • Group-352
    edison365 and Power BI

    edison365 provides high level reporting using Power BI to support organizations throughout their business transformation. Utilize any data to make informed decisions about the innovation progression, business case justification and project management.

  • Group-353
    edison365 and Azure

    edison365 modules are built for and hosted in Azure, meaning your data is stored in Azure SQL databases in your Microsoft 365 cloud. Making full use of the GDPR and security capabilities it provides.

  • Group-354
    edison365 and Delve

    Easily access user delve profiles from within any edison365 module and have visibility of all challenges, ideas, business cases and projects aligned to them

  • Group-355
    edison365 and Project Online

    edison365 integrates with Microsoft Project Online, enabling your organization to easily transfer data and start projects, prioritize investments, and deliver results within the Microsoft PPM platform.

How edison365 integrates with Microsoft Office 365

All edison365 modules are built on Microsoft 365, leveraging existing investments and tools you are already familiar with. Experience immediate benefit with rapid adoption and seamless collaboration, on any device.

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