Innovation Management Software for Healthcare

The only platform you need to take care of your innovation strategy

Gather ideas to tackle challenges in the ever-changing medical industry, figure out which ideas will provide the most value, and turn them into reality.

innovation management for healthcare

Healthcare is constantly changing – are you?

Idea Management Software for healthcare enables true transformation.

innovation management software for healthcare

In healthcare, you need to adapt to rapid changes and emerging technologies all the time. Solving these challenges and staying ahead has never been easier.

Reach out to your teams and gather their brilliant ideas for overcoming your greatest challenges – whether that’s coming up with new products or solving supply chain issues.

With Microsoft-based innovation management software for healthcare, you can:

Step 1

Gather suggestions

Step 2

Choose those that compliment your business strategy

Step 3

Turn them into reality.

Broaden Your Reach with Open Innovation

Collaborate with external experts – including your clients, partners, and academic organizations – using open innovation.


Reach out beyond your business to find the answers to your greatest challenges.

Healthcare industries that benefit from innovation


Life Sciences


Mental Health Care

Medical Devices

Engage and listen to your workforce

How Innovation Management Software for Healthcare Works

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Gather ideas and select the most promising

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Assess your potential projects for risk, cost, and value

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Turn your ideas into reality and showcase the benefits of innovation

How Companies use Innovation Management Software for Healthcare

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotech
Kwintes - an open innovation client


Based in the Netherlands, Kwintes is one of the country’s largest providers of mental health care, supporting clients with psychiatric or psychosocial problems. With over 1,100 client care facilities they provide tailor-made care to those with multiple and complex problems, helping clients with their living situation, work and developing an independent life.
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Cisco logo


Innovation is an integral part to Cisco’s DNA and new ideas have always been central to their success. Missing, however, was one seamless and holistic process for converting successful ideas into realized value.
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What are the Use Cases for Innovation Management
Software for Healthcare?

Innovation management software for healthcare can be used to find solutions to any challenge facing your business.

Many healthcare companies use it for:

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