What’s your Innovation Maturity?


In three easy steps, take an Innovation Maturity Assessment and identify areas of focus within your organization’s innovation management to ensure that value is being generated in the most effective and efficient way.

1. Take Assessment

In less than 15 minutes, answer ten sections aligned to ISO 56002 about your organization’s current innovation performance.






2. Receive your scores

Immediately identify your strengths and weaknesses while understanding your current innovation maturity score for each area of our framework.

3. Annual Benchmark

Register to receive an annual innovation maturity benchmark, enabling you to compare your current innovation maturity with peer organizations.



Why take the Innovation Maturity Assessment?

IMA framework


The Innovation Maturity Assessment has been designed to give you a holistic understanding of your current end-to-end innovation capability. Aligned to ISO 56002, the free of charge assessment will take you through a comprehensive series of questions representative of each area of the framework.


On completing the assessment, you will receive a PDF report that will provide you with a clear understanding of how you currently score against innovation management best practise. Enabling you to determine strengths, weakness and key areas of focus for development.


What is ISO 56002?

The ISO 56002 on Innovation Management is a guidance standard that focuses on the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an innovation management system in all organizations.

The ISO has been designed to be applicable to all types of organizations, innovations and approaches. The document comprises of shared expert knowledge, practical information and best practise which is recognized globally. Find out more information about ISO 56002 here.


The assessment will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Understand what's needed to become a leader in innovation
Recognize your current maturity level
Develop a roadmap for your next steps
Change and disruption
Drive necessary change and disruption
Benchmark your current position and identify key areas for improvement