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Transparent business case strategy. Is it key to better decisions and faster benefits?

Transparent business cases

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Our personal lives have never been so transparent. We put our images and thoughts out for public scrutiny every day. We share secrets on social media. We dispense data to our favorite stores.

Working lives are not so clear. We don’t make important business processes transparent to our colleagues. And we don’t seem to care how much that impedes our decision-making or chokes the flow of business benefits.

Take business case management; your organization’s engine room for innovation and transformation. Where cases should be compared and assessed using accurate, consistent, and common evaluation criteria. Enabled by complete transparency.

In many organizations today, business case information is inaccessible to the stakeholders involved all the way along the process chain – from case submission to assessment, to approval, to ongoing management.

And there’s the rub. Only with transparent processes can business case success be accurately forecasted, resources estimated, and realistic timescales set.

Cloudy picture

Lack of visibility makes it impossible to evaluate the cost, benefits, and ROI of individual cases, and compare them across an entire inflight portfolio. It seriously constrains the flow of business benefits.

Without transparency, the very fundamentals of process management are in jeopardy. If stakeholders can’t see which business cases are where in the assessment process, costly delays and chaotic control are inevitable consequences.

If nobody can answer the question “who’s got the ball?” be sure you’ve got a process visibility problem. It means a business case can’t be passed quickly and efficiently from the manager who submits it, to the finance department who approves the budget for it, to the PMO who has to execute the project that delivers it.

And spare a thought for those project managers who currently have no view of a business case in the pipeline, no involvement in estimating resource, and no part in assessing its risks before it lands on their desks. Business exposures can be immense.

A clear view ahead with transparent business cases

There is another way.

With a fully transparent view of a consistent business case ecosystem, your organization can make decisions that are accurate, up-to-date, standardized, accountable, and – above all – informed.

Based on granular insights into each business case submission and the revenue potential they offer, on a like for like basis.

edison365businesscase is uniquely designed to deliver that objective with a transparent view of your business case processes and every type of case. It tackles process consistency, so the business cases you see across the ecosystem can be meaningfully compared. And it provides your organization-wide visibility via a compelling interface, efficiently presenting massive amounts of information.

Built on Microsoft Office 365, edison365businesscase makes sure your best ideas are approved quickly, grounded in the evaluation criteria you set. So, business benefits from approved cases are delivered faster, with less risk.

edison365businesscase helps you spot trends, identify bottlenecks, and solve costly problems. It gives you an entire audit trail and supports internal compliance requirements.

You choose what and when to see

One glance at the Quick Stats window, for example, presents a snapshot of business cases recently added, those under review, and what their approval status is. You can drill down into each open case, find the people involved, and check out where the case is in the cycle.

You can see the metrics each business case is judged by, resources required, risks and pitfalls, the timeline for delivery, and costs estimated, with expenditure dates.

And of course, edison365businesscase takes away the worry about “who’s got the ball”: a personal page keeps track of what needs approving, by when, and where issues lie.

Unlike traditional solutions and bespoke platforms that many organizations use for business case management, edison365businesscase is geared to mobile devices with Windows, iOS®, and Android™. So now you can access business case information on your Smart device, anywhere and everywhere.

Completing the circle of transparent business cases

edison365businesscase offers the critical link between edison365ideas and edison365projects. It enables your employees’ ideas to be captured, effectively evaluated, and implemented.

So edison365businesscase optimizes your business case processes and paves a pathway to true transformation.

FAQs: Transparent Business

What is business transparency?

Business transparency is the process of being open and honest in communications to employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Why is business transparency key for progress?

Business transparency builds trust between your organization and its key stakeholders and clients. It also means that your employees are on the same page as you – they know what the aims of the business are and what their roles are in helping to achieve them.

How to implement a transparent business case strategy?

You can implement a transparent business case strategy using business case software. This will enable you to create a clear process for approving business cases and ensure that everyone has oversight of where business cases are in this process.

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