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The Hunt family of companies is the largest independent Oil & Gas company in the world with more than 85 years of experience. One subsidiary, PERU LNG, wanted to further embrace Hunt Oil’s mission to be a growth-oriented leader respected for its efficiency and scope of its operations by harnessing the enthusiasm of its employee base to find new ways of working and drive employee engagement.


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Peru LNG wanted to drive a people-driven, bottom-up approach to innovation

Since launch

86 ideas are under review and a costly business case has been eliminated

Why did PERU LNG need an innovation management tool?

With Hunt Oil encouraging all parts of the organization to be more innovative and find new ways of delivering their services, PERU LNG developed an Innovation Model, which consisted of operational excellence, a business driven top-down approach and an employee driven approach, into its internal innovation approach.  

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“I would speak to other heads and managers to call for project ideas for the next year and it would be up to them how they gathered the project ideas. As an organization, we were missing that direct line of communication to our employee base, and thus, almost certainly missing out on great ideas for new projects. As part of our new approach to innovation, we wanted to make it a people-driven process for us rather than a hierarchical one, meaning that bottom-up innovation would be just as essential as top-down innovation,”

- Simon Maguire, Innovation and Project Manager at PERU LNG.

In the past, PERU LNG had completed an innovation assessment and found that its readiness for innovation was relatively low compared to the motivation among its employees, which was extremely high. Following this assessment, the organization concluded that it needed a way to capture the enthusiasm for innovation that existed among its employees and develop a way for these ideas to be progressed so they can generate value for the business. 

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There was an opportunity to...

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Why edison365?

PERU LNG had just migrated to Microsoft 365, and as the organization had to move to remote working, there was more of a dependency on their digital tools. During COVID-19, seeing an increase in digital literacy amongst their staff. Finding a solution that integrated with its existing tools became key to the organization’s search.  

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Alongside the integration into Microsoft 365, PERU LNG were keen for a platform that further encouraged its employee’s engagement. The team wanted to achieve this with a platform that had transparency at its core, offering a way for employees to track their own ideas and enable feedback loops on the progression of ideas.  

“I wanted to ensure that as we standardized our approach to innovation, we didn’t lose the enthusiasm and interest from our employees. I wanted to track ideas, whether it was a handful or hundreds, but it was critical to have and maintain feedback loops. We wanted our employees to see the progress of their ideas and we saw a lot of tools that did this, but edison365ideas was the most intuitive for this.”

- Simon Maguire, Innovation and Project Manager at PERU LNG.

Within the first month of launching their InnLab powered by edison365ideas...

Future of innovation management at

Alongside process improvements, PERU LNG are using edison365ideas to transform the way employees interact with each other over the course of the pandemic. “Christmas in Peru is a huge thing. We normally have a football match, and it’s a very big deal, but with us all being remote this year we were unable to do that. So over Christmas, we put up a challenge to ask how we can connect our employees for Christmas whilst being remote, and we had a number of ideas on that.”


Going forward, PERU LNG is excited to use edison365ideas to realize a better version of its own culture. The team are continuing to set open challenges that encourage all ideas to be shared, as well as challenges surrounding specific business driven challenges.


“It’s been great seeing how quickly our employees have picked up the platform. They were definitely waiting for something like this, and our aim for the InnLab going forward is twofold; to set more specific challenges and gather employee ideas relating to them, and then to use the tool as a way to manage and track ideas that come out of design thinking workshops, so that they don’t get lost,” concluded Maguire.

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