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SWEP is a world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC and industrial applications. Designed to make the most efficient use of energy, materials and space, this technology is fast gaining ground around the world, with SWEP at the very forefront of developments. The company’s innovations and products are used in solar panels, district heating and air conditioning systems, to name just a few of the many areas of application. With more than 1,000 employees, SWEP operate production facilities in five countries and sell their products worldwide.





The Challenge

To stay competitive, you always need to keep an eye on the future. As market leader in brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), SWEP constantly juggle numerous innovation and improvement projects to make sure they stay ahead of the field. In order to evaluate and convert the best ideas into new successes, SWEP use the edison365 suite modules edison365ideas and edison365businesscase. 

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“With edison365 we can take an idea and turn it into a business case and subsequently a turnkey solution on the same collaboration platform. The solution provides support for smooth and efficient processes and internal collaboration. Its clear-cut structure and user friendly interface make it easy to keep track of all our initiatives for improvement and business cases. The system ensures that no ideas are overlooked and that the best ones are promptly acted on.”

– Tomas Dahlberg, Innovation Manager at SWEP.

Smart seamless integration with Office 365

In order to manage ideation processes and development projects efficiently, SWEP need powerful digital solutions to enable them to handle every idea and project in a structured and transparent manner.

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We previously evaluated and managed ideas with a wide array of tools that included Excel, Sharepoint lists and SQL database solutions. But we really needed to consolidate and simplify the processes with a
unified collaboration tool, which also had to be integrated with Office 365.”
Tomas Dahlberg, Innovation Manager, SWEP

SWEP therefore thoroughly researched the market for idea management solutions and concluded that edison365ideas, with its smooth integration with Office 365, was their best option. After a short test cycle, SWEP subsequently implemented edison365ideas for their ideation processes and edison365businesscase for their management of business cases.

“The visual presentation of all ongoing evaluation is intuitive and easy to grasp in edison365ideas. It was, subsequently a no brainer for us to go ahead with ediso365ideas.” – Tomas Dahlberg, Innovation Manager, SWEP

‘Compared with other standard ideation management systems, edison365ideas offers the best Office 365 integration and make good use of its business intelligence functionality. Since we wanted to use Power BI to perform analysis and create reports, this was one of our focal points in choosing an Ideation management platform. Additionally, the visual presentation of all ongoing evaluations is intuitive and easy to grasp in edison365ideas. It was, subsequently a no-brainer for us to go ahead with edison365ideas. The alternative would have been to develop a custom-made solution’, says Tomas

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‘Visuell Planering impressed us as being the implementation consultant with the best knowledge of edison365’s solutions in Sweden. And so far they have more than exceeded our expectations, delivering adapted solutions which help us to make the best use of the platform. The ingenuity and customer focus of their consultants has really made it easy for us to put the edison365 platform into operational use.’ Tomas Dahlberg, Innovation Manager

Want to know more about this implementation

Strategic and sustainable innovation

SWEP use edison365’s innovation management software for manufacturing to filter out the best ideas for improvement or new product development. The ideas are submitted in various forums covering areas such as research & development, products, marketing and sales. The forum managers then analyze and grade each idea in edison365ideas.  

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“The ideas that subsequently find their way to edison365ideas must be of strategic and sustainable value to our operations and customers. Our technology is mainly used in applications that optimize energy use and efficiency in HVAC and industrial solutions, thus enhancing the environmental sustainability and quality of the end product”, Tomas Dahlberg, Innovation Manager, SWEP

Business benefits:

New ideas faster to market

When an idea has been posted in edison365ideas, it’s immediately allocated to a team for analysis and evaluation. This process incorporates a technical study that will determine whether or not the idea will require the development of new technology.

“If an idea involves new technology, we create one or several tech-related initiatives as separate idea cards in edison365ideas. This is not only to thoroughly evaluate the potential these initiatives offer in support of the original idea, but also to see whether they can evolve into independent development projects and/or products in their own right”, Tomas explains.

After an idea has been probed and approved for further evaluation, a business case is then created in edison365businesscase, in which its value on the market will be assessed. “The process flow in edison365ideas and edison365businesscase is very methodically and symmetrically structured, making it easy for us to efficiently manage both technological and product developments. Integration with Power BI also paves the way for the production of status analyses and forecasts. These new solutions save us lots of time and money, since we can now eliminate bad ideas before they consume too much of our time and effort while getting great ideas out onto the market faster” 

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