International Airport Skyrockets Innovation with Over 400 Impactful Ideas

Learn how a globally renowned airport discovered over 400 ideas and created nearly 100 business cases, all using edison365!






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Renowned Airport Meets edison365

Please note: To respect our customers’ confidentiality, we have anonymized any individuals or brand names associated with this success story. After all, this is about celebrating all the hard work and success this customer has achieved!


When one of the world’s largest, busiest international airports tells us they’re ready for innovative take-off, our friendly experts couldn’t wait to help! This is how one airport, welcoming more than 80 million passengers each year, uncovered over 400 ideas, and generated nearly 100 business cases, and projects; how a team of thinkers gave their airport a new sense of innovative direction.



To reconfigure the airport’s edison365 setup and launch a bespoke environment for their renewed focus on end-to-end, scalable innovation.


Conduct a full software audit, re-customize, introduce bespoke reporting, and assist new management by building a funnel for efficient end-to-end innovation.


The discovery of over 400 ideas spanning several key focus areas, and results in 90+ business cases and projects.

The Challenges ⚠️

Before we uncover exactly how one of the largest airports in the world turned its workforce into an idea-generating powerhouse, let’s take a step back. At the time, this airport had undergone a change in management, leading to a change in demands.


This reshuffle meant a new focus on end-to-end innovation. The airport wanted to be progressive, forward-thinking, and bold. As you can imagine, we were all ears! However, some obstacles and setbacks needed to be addressed to achieve this.


Firstly, the global aviation brand’s edison365 environment was tangled in previous business objectives that didn’t align with this refined direction. It was best described as a “Frankenstein-like” setup. If this international airport was going to give new ideas the takeoff they needed for success, there would be some work to be done.

Building the Runway for Success 🚀

Originally, the airport’s edison365 environment was configured to meet a set of needs. However, the airport had only used a small part of the software, reducing its impact and neglecting the bigger picture. This is where our collaboration began! To kickstart things, we worked with the airport to develop a new set of templates. An approach that adopting a “Start simple and start from scratch” style.

These templates not only worked in a way that supported the airport’s processes, but helped collect all the necessary data for in-depth reporting dashboards. Essentially taking their original setup and giving it a new set of wings!

Getting Ideas of the Ground 💡

Another focus was the end-to-end innovation process. To help this airport identify ideas much more broadly, we built a sophisticated funnel for ideas. These allowed the innovation team to collect concepts from the wider organization.


These opportunities would then pass through a select group for business case analysis before making it into live delivery and project management. An entire process that produced some of the biggest “Aha! Moments” for one of the best airports in the world.


Seeing different areas of the business come together, communicate, and collaborate on game-changing ideas, all in edison365 was rewarding for our experts. Further proving that everyone should have a voice for change!

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Meeting all Business Challenges 🔎

Through edison365, this international airport has been able to identify and solve problems spanning several different focus areas. This gives leaders a bird’s-eye-view of innovative priorities, understanding what challenges teams are combating.


  • Seamless travel
  • Automation
  • Health and Safety
  • Data-driven decisions
  • New ventures
  • Process improvements
  • Sustainability
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Key Insights in one Click ✔️

Through heavy collaboration around performance reporting, key stakeholders have insightful reporting at their fingertips. We’ve taken data straight from the end-to-end funnel and plugged it into an easy-to-digest dashboard.


Everyone from Project leaders to business partners and department managers now have better visibility. The entire organization can understand decisions, outstanding tasks, upcoming actions and so much more. All in one central location.


What’s more, our expert team continues to work with this world-class airport to build on these reports, as business needs evolve and mature. We understand that tomorrow’s focus shifts, especially with high-speed innovation and progress.

High Altitude Achievements 🏆

This is a special story for our team. It demonstrates how one of the busiest airports in the world can find the time to innovate with impact. How they can carve out new opportunities from their people and move those ideas to fruition.


Each and every challenge proposed by this airport received around 50 to 100+ suggestions in edison365, demonstrating a highly engaged workforce; one that is actively uncovering creative solutions together. That is pretty unstoppable stuff!


What’s more, with the new setup running like clockwork, and the end-to-end funnel finalized, this airport received more than 400 individual ideas, resulting in 90+ making it to the business case phase. This shows an employer that listens and acts on good ideas!


The future looks bright for this international airport, and we cannot wait to see its innovation journey continue to grow and mature. We’d like to thank them for their collaboration in putting this incredible story out there.

Join the world’s most innovative brands using our end-to-end innovation management tools.

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