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TV broadcaster democratizes ideas capture

German TV channel RTLZWEI is a Munich-based broadcaster that prides itself on screening fun and entertaining programmes, from passionate docu-soaps through to high-energy blockbusters.

With the rise of on-demand platforms such as Netflix, the organization is now competing with the internet for its audience. It considers innovation key to remaining competitive.


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RTLZWEI needed a central platform for capturing ideas from teams around the organization

Product and Services


Since launch

121 ideas have been posted so far and 22 have been implemeted

“We need new business models. We need new ideas on how to work with the situation."

Pia Emde, Project Manager, RTLZWEI

The Challenge: Capturing Ideas

With a vibrant and creative team of over 200 people, generating ideas was no issue for RTLZWEI. Capturing them, however, had proved trickier.

“We have a lot of innovative people, creative people coming together, but we didn’t have a platform or a channel to funnel all these things,” said Jan Homeyer, Senior Conceptioner.

The organization had tried using techniques such as physical ideas boxes and speaking to individuals but had no method of reaching the whole company at once. An in-house project group themed around the idea of ‘Just Do It’ suggested acquiring a platform dedicated to capturing ideas and – after two years of testing and finalising an approach – RTLZWEI decided on using edison365.

The Hunt for the Perfect Ideas Platform

The RTLZWEI team had four main requirements for the ideas platform. It needed to be:

Easy to collaborate


Enjoyable to use 

Based on SharePoint 

“edison365 was the only platform we found that had a nice design, that was young and fun to work with, along with being part of our existing Microsoft ecosystem.”

Pia Emde, Project Manager, RTLZWEI

What to know about this implementation?

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Democratizing ideas

edison365 provided RTLZWEI with an ideas platform that utilized the company’s own branding. The team said that colleagues from across the business were quick to get onboard. The tool quickly built traction as it looked good, was easy to use and because the RTLZWEI team offered onboarding sessions to help users build confidence.

At RTLZWEI, ideas are grouped into challenges, such as business models, sustainability and concepts for new shows. Anyone from across the business can now share and access ideas, as well as coming up with challenges of their own. 

With many teams working from home during the pandemic, colleagues from across the organization have been encouraged to comment on ideas in order to facilitate collaboration. If the team responsible for the platform see colleagues making regular comments, they will encourage them to set up meetings and take the first step towards making change. Thanks to edison365, the creation of ideas has been democratized across the business.

“It is really important for us that everyone who has a problem can open a challenge and collect ideas or solutions for that problem.”

Pia Emde, Project Manager

260 platform users 

121 ideas posted so far

22 implemented  

A Transformative Space

“What we really want to do in the future is one of the big events where we present the best ideas, and the ideas that have been implemented and were successful,” said Pia Emde, “to be transparent and tell them about what happened to those ideas, and to motivate them.”

Right now, the team are focusing on getting colleagues used to the platform. They run training sessions, Q&As and gain feedback from new users, while walking them through how to create their first idea. The team responsible for the platform meet every week to check in and develop new strategies around ideas generation.

“I would honestly say it’s like a transformation space,” said Constantin Vormwald, Business Development Manager, “we are in the TV industry, which needs ideas from all these great minds in our company… we have seen great ideas and challenges, so it’s a good process so far.”

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