2021 Microsoft Partner
of the Year Awards

Startup of the Year

2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards
edison365 entry into the category: Startup of the Year

Contained on this page is information referenced in our online award submission, along with other information about edison365. 

edison365 went from no formal Microsoft relationship to joining the Startups program, becoming a Silver partner, achieving full Cosell status and ultimately becoming a Gold partner in just over a year. Following graduation from the Startups program to the Assisted Growth Program, edison365 is winning huge deals with global brands, such as Cisco, Anheuser Busch, Bayer and KPMG and replacing competitors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Microsoft Azure. 

About edison365

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edison365 Corporate Presentation 

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An innovation platform to make ideas pay

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A unique platform to evaluate the value of ideas 

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A comprehensive platform for delivering every idea

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edison365 Open Innovation 

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edison365 DataStore

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"edison365 is a real painkiller to our customers. edison365 has a solution that is something that, while appearing niche, is something many of our customers are looking for when it comes to digital transformation."

Nazih Dannaoui, Senior Executive Account Manager, Microsoft Saudia Arabia.

Customer Success Stories


Based in the Netherlands, Kwintes is one of the country’s largest providers of mental health care, supporting clients with psychiatric or psychosocial problems. With over 1,100 client care facilities, they provide tailor-made care to those with multiple and complex problems, helping clients with their living situation, work and developing an independent life.

Kwintes initially launched their Innovation Lab, powered by edison365ideas, to the board. They identified 4 ideas that could have a real impact on their services, one of which was Tinybot Tessa. Tessa is a small robotic helper that helps patients create structure in their day with reminders to get out of bed, get dressed, and take their medicine.

Atrium Health

Atrium Health has led the way as the first health system in North Carolina to administer an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

During a recent Master Class hosted by Innovation Leader we spoke with our customer Todd Dunn, Vice president of Innovation at Atrium health about how Atrium Health has harnessed the knowledge of its 60,000 – 70,000 employee base to capture efficiency innovation. 

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFWA) chose the edison365suite to transform its approach to innovation management and delivery, enhance the travel experience for millions of passengers and optimize safety for all its stakeholders.

In the past year, air travel has faced a difficult time and leaders at the airport determined that a total ‘innovation ecosystem’ was needed. Combining edison365 with its existing Microsoft 365 investment, enables DFWA to discover capture, evaluate, rollout and execute innovation projects. Today, DFWA has an accelerated pipeline of ideas, innovations and successful projects enabled by Microsoft and edison365.

You can read more about the DFWA story, here

Haley & Aldrich

One of our customers, Haley & Aldrich already had a culture focused on innovation and investing in their people, but they just needed the right mechanism to carry that into idea management. They chose to underpin their culture of innovation with edison365ideas. Now, employees feel like their ideas are being heard and can now track the progress themselves. Each employee can share in the process of innovating, and some are now seeing idea contribution as a part of their professional development goals.

“We identified $1 Million of lost revenue per annum through the collection of ideas submitted through edison365ideas. That was within the first few months of turning the system live and so we’re excited for what other impactful ideas are put forward in the future.” Ben Chandler, Chief Innovation Officer, Haley & Aldrich.

Read the full success story here

Microsoft and edison365: True Partnership

Opening up new markets: Microsoft and edison365 in Saudi Arabia

Working in partnership, the two companies offer an extended value proposition for customers in the Middle East in a major area of business transformation.

Watch Nazih Dannaoui, Senior Executive Account Manager, Microsoft Saudi Arabia, as he explains how having the relationship with edison365 helps him garner even greater respect as a customer advisor thanks to the end-to-end innovation management and delivery proposition.
Microsoft and edison365 have enjoyed joint success at the Saudi Investment Bank and opportunities created at BUPA, Bank Al Bilad and Abdul Latif Jameel Company amongst others. 

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