The edison365 podcast explores best practices and deep insights in corporate value creation. Join us as we interview some of the brightest minds in innovation and strategy, while serving up wisdom and inspiration.

Edison365 Podcast
Episode #1 – Introduction to Innovation Brew

The Innovation Brew podcast by edison365 interviews compelling and articulate guests from around the world and gets them to share their secrets. This introductory episode gives you an idea of what to expect from future episodes.

Edison365 Podcast
Innovation Brew ep. 02 - Description
Episode #2 – Interview with Jeffrey Phillips – Innovation Consultant

In this episode we interview Jeffrey Phillips, an innovation thought leader and consultant with over 15 years of leading innovation and new product development projects for Fortune 500 companies. Join us as we talk about

Edison365 Podcast
Innovation Brew ep. 03 Twitter Tile - Description
Episode #3 – Interview with Brant Cooper – CEO at Moves the Needle

In this episode we interview Brant Cooper, a CEO, author, and Ted Talks speaker. Join us as he talks about: The myth of the visionary, why every company must adopt the entrepreneurial spirit, digital transformation