Episode #1 – Introduction to Innovation Brew

Date: October 23, 2019

Innovations start with the need to solve problems and challenges to overcome; this involves imagination and creativity. The Innovation Brew Podcast by edison365, interviews compelling and articulate guests from around the world and gets them to share their secrets. We’ll cover methodologies, tools, wisdom, theories, and lessons learned. Let these interviews be an energy boost to your day and help you become the innovation leader you aim to be. Visit edison365.com for show notes and resources.

This introductory episode gives you an idea of what to expect from future episodes and what gets us excited about innovation.

About our talented podcast hosts.

Stewart Noyce – His experience in innovation spans from International Business and initial product launch, to solution expansion and market growth. He received his MBA from UC Berkeley  Haas School of Business. He’s worked for industries new and old, as well as, companies big and small.

Dennis Høier Hoel – Dual masters graduate in International Business and Disruptive Innovation from Hult International Business School. He brings a plethora of experience from working as an innovation consultant in four different countries.