NCC's Journey

How NCC boosted
innovation capability
and company efficiency

About NCC

Focusing on the Nordic market, NCC develop and build residential
and commercial properties, infrastructure solutions, schools,
hospitals, indoor swimming facilities, sports and event arenas, and
much more. The company also supplies materials used in
construction, such as asphalt and aggregates, and builds roads,
railways, tunnels, bridges, harbors, wind farms and production

With such complex and extensive operations, it is crucial that NCC
keep both their physical and digital workplace in step with their evershifting business needs as well as ongoing changes in society and
customer demand. To this end, NCC must work with structured
ideation and business improvement processes.




Solna, Sweden


To manage initiatives for business improvement, business cases and development projects with full integration to Office365.

Product and Services

edison365suite, Power BI and Project Online


The new solution helps NCC create, analyse, evaluate and follow through initiatives and business cases in a transparent, unified, process, user role and accessibility based manner. This ensures that the most critical business needs are met as quickly as possible.


Visuell Planering

The initial challenge

Up until 2017, ideation and innovation was dealt with by using an
array of tools and solutions. A major part of the research and analysis documentation consisted of Excel and Word files, which were simply emailed around the company to all. There was a pressing need for a modern and dedicated digital platform, with integrated solutions for handling initiatives, business cases and development projects.

Fredrik Lagerström, Service & Portfolio Manager said “we needed an efficient collaboration tool to support us in identifying, organizing and evaluating every business requirement. To carry on as before, using a multitude of solutions without an integrated structure, was just not an option. We had to have a unified solution enabling us to create, analyze and monitor our business needs and initiatives in a transparent, process, user role and accessibility-based flow.”

NCC also wanted the platform to be seamlessly integrated with Office 365, which subsequently led to the implementation of Power BI and the project management tool MS Project Online.

The Solution

“Based on our demands and thorough market research,
we quickly came to the conclusion that the edison365
suite, comprising the edison365ideas,
edison365businesscase and edison365projects modules,
was our best option. Visuell Planering were contracted
to implement the full suite in our environment since we
were convinced they had the knowhow and expertise
capable of meeting our needs efficiently and in close
collaboration with us. And our teamwork has indeed
turned out to be highly productive, with Visuell Planering
delivering swift and professional support since day one,”
explained Fredrik.

"Being able to handle everything from business needs analysis to project management on the same platform doesn’t just save us a lot of time. It also means that everyone who’s involved in an initiative, a business case or a project is now better informed about its status, predicted business value and future development. No-one has to go on a search for the latest updated information anymore. We’ve seen a vast improvement in our ability to gain reliable overviews and insights into active and future development projects."

Fredrick Lagerstrröm, Service & Portfolio Manager. NCC

The results

Gain relaible overviews and insights into active and future development projects

Speeds up the process of implementing improvement initiatives

Improve transparency of evaluation and project management process

Boost innovation capability and company efficiency

NCC’s Business Relationship Managers are in charge of registering new development initiatives in edison365ideas. The Development Committee meets regularly to examine all initiatives and decide which ones are worthy of further evaluation. This is done in edison365businesscase, where each case is allocated to a business sector manager who will then be responsible for the provision of the data and resources required to further appraise the idea.

It’s then a simple matter for them to check the status of their business cases and act where necessary. Users are also automatically reminded about what needs to be done in order to ensure the progression of a case. When all necessary information regarding a case has been collected and analyzed and the Development Committee has approved its implementation, the case is then converted into an active project. Project Online is then used to operationally manage the project.

“The new solution has consolidated and significantly improved the structure and transparency of our evaluation and project management processes. Previously, we handled initiatives and improvement projects using a whole multitude of tools and diverse documents. Today, everything from financials to meeting agendas are accessible in just one place and follow a uniform process structure. This has boosted our efficiency dramatically. A report that could previously take up to two weeks to produce is now being compiled in just five minutes.

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What do our customers think?

Engineering & Construction
Haley & Aldrich

"We identified $1M of lost revenue per annum through the collection of ideas submitted through edison365ideas. That was within the first few months of turning the system live "

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South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council empowers decision makers with edison365projects and Project Online.

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Coal, minerals & renewable energy

"With 6,000 users across multiple locations and with varying technical capabilities it was essential that the idea platform we selected was user friendly"

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"Nothing else that we reviewed or tested matched our requirements, edison365ideas is delivering over and above what we need and expected"

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