Innovation and Portfolio Management Office


Create a single entity responsible for end-to-end business transformation from driving innovation through to portfolio delivery and benefit realization.

The missing link to effective business transformation

Change has become the new normal and a necessity to survive and thrive in today’s competitive global market. Organization’s need to be transforming; looking at new opportunities, assessing new markets and trends, engaging their workforce and consumers in order to choose the right direction of travel and keep up with the rate of change.

Combining innovation and portfolio management into a single entity responsible for end-to-end business transformation presents an opportunity for the right ideas to move forward, lessons to be learned, change to be measured on a long-term basis, and innovation to be properly aligned to corporate strategy.

Discover our supporting white papers that explore the concept in more detail. First understand the need for an Innovation & Portfolio Management Office and secondly recognize the design principles and how to implement an IPMO that supports your business transformation.

End-to-end business transformation

Combine the best of two cultures and ensure that business transformation is delivered.

Take control of benefit realization

Understand the value throughout the business transformation process and ensure that your benefits are correct and being realized.

Align vision, process and standards

The IPMO provides you with complete governance of the entire process, aligning business change with the overall strategy from the board level downwards.

One reporting entity

Gain access to all business transformation data in a central location and conduct more standardized and insightful reporting.

Why implement an Innovation & Portfolio Management Office?

The Innovation and Portfolio Management Office, or IPMO is responsible for the entire transformation journey, eliminating any tension, loss of knowledge and ultimately generating a clear vision of the project pipeline. Working with senior leadership to define the organizational strategy, the IPMO creates alignment between innovation and it’s ability to deliver value and move the strategy forward. It further enables prioritization and reassessment throughout the business transformation process, ensuring that return on investment is achieved.

edison365 supports an IPMO, enabling efficient and effective end-to-end business transformation. Our easy to use tools create transparency and visibility of value from the idea, business case justification and project execution, with tailored processes that can be defined by each individual organization. This ability to align the tools to your strategy and key performance indicators ensures that the right ideas move forward and are executed. Further facilitating a central and standardized location for all reporting, edison365 enables effective benefit realization.

Watch edison365 in action

Take a look at this short video to get a snapshot of edison365 and its powerful interface, built to help you maximize your workflow, integrate your processes and stand up to the most demanding project requests.

Drive effective Business Transformation

Built for Office 365

The edison365 suite of modules all harness the power of Microsoft Office 365 with experiences driven by Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer and Delve. All data is owned and stored within the customer’s tenant. Connecting to your Active Directory, employees use a single login to access Office 365 and edison365, providing a consistent experience across all devices and browsers that requires zero training.

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