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Improving Employee Wellbeing with a 4-Day Week

4-day week wellness

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Over a third of UK employees report that the stress they experience at work is having a negative impact on them, according to a recent survey. In fact, 67% of professionals questioned, said they experienced moderate to high levels of stress. 

More worrying still – 79% of UK workers have experienced burnout

Wellbeing in the workplace has been a hot topic in the years since the pandemic, particularly as employers try to tempt their staff back into the office. 

Here’s where putting in place a 4-day week can help.  

Reduced stress 

In fact, Swedish social workers who took part in a trial of reduced working hours (with full pay) reported a reduction in stress, along with improved sleep and memory. 

Better still, a survey by Henley Business School found that 70% of employees on a 4-day week saw their stress levels fall. 

Fewer sick days 

Henley Business School’s survey also found that a 4-day week reduced rates of sickness among staff. It makes sense that happier, well-rested employees are less likely to become run down.  

Improved sleep 

Not only does a three-day weekend provide more opportunities for a much-needed lie-in, but a reduction in stress can also help to cut back on restless nights.  

A more accessible workplace 

Studies have found that women in Europe have – on average – less free time and carry out more unpaid work (such as childcare) than men. Having less time taken up by work, lower childcare costs, and greater flexibility may open up full-time work to a greater number of women. 

People with mental health problems, physical disabilities, or chronic health conditions who work a 4-day week will also benefit from having more time to recuperate, pace themselves, and attend appointments. 

Better work-life balance 

The obvious result of a 4-day week is a more even split between working and non-working days. This enables employees to spend more time on their hobbies, studies, and families. It can even be handy for getting chores and appointments out of the way in time for the weekend.  

Having extra free time can add to the richness of a person’s life and help to keep burnout at bay, by giving them time to relax and decompress from the working week.  

Check out the video below to see how our teams have been spending their extra time: 

Want to work a 4-day week? 

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