Guthrie Clinic's Journey

Leveraging edison365 to deliver
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About Guthrie Clinic

The Guthrie Clinic is a 107-year-old physician-led 501(c) (3) not-for-profit integrated health system serving NY & PA, with 5,000 employees, 1.2 million outpatient encounters, approximately 300 physicians and 200 advanced practice providers in 25 communities and 4 hospitals. The Guthrie Clinic is dedicated to optimal life-long health and well-being for each person in the community. Guthrie’s long history of innovation has focused on medicine holistically with multi-specialty groups for over 100 years.




Pennsylvania, United States


Guthrie needed a consistent and streamlined method for requesting projects and submitting ideas.

Product and Services

edison365ideas, edison365businesscase, edison365projects


Projects are now staffed with appropriate resource levels. The tools are easy to use and understand, so employees were able to start using them with minimal training and on-boarding.



Innovation in healthcare and in project management

Project intake and initiation was haphazard. Projects were being requested ad-hoc via hallway conversations. There was no standard way to request a project and many great project ideas never surfaced. The circumstances became cumbersome and fell on two people to maintain project status using Excel and homegrown software. A consistent method and system were needed to address these issues.

Using Innovative-e's three-step approach

Guthrie partnered with Innovative-e, a leading MS Gold PPM partner. Using Innovative-e’s three-step approach; Foundation, Process Enablement, and Success Management, Guthrie realized quick wins and long term benefits.

““We had a pretty good foundation in place for project management and we were looking to take it to the next level. Microsoft Project Online got us there and now, with edison365ideas, businesscase, and projects added on, I’m in love!”

Gail Strausser, Application Manager

Key Benefits

Objectivity on resource workload reporting and project status updates

Delivering transparency

Standard tools easy to use & understand

Projects staffed with appropriate resource levels

What to know about this implementation?

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What do our customers think?

Engineering & Construction
Haley & Aldrich

"We identified $1M of lost revenue per annum through the collection of ideas submitted through edison365ideas. That was within the first few months of turning the system live "

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Local & Regional Government
South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council empowers decision makers with edison365projects and Project Online.

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Coal, minerals & renewable energy

"With 6,000 users across multiple locations and with varying technical capabilities it was essential that the idea platform we selected was user friendly"

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"Nothing else that we reviewed or tested matched our requirements, edison365ideas is delivering over and above what we need and expected"

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