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edison365 makes official move to a 4-day working week 

4-day working week

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We’re over the moon that our 3-month pilot scheme of a 4-day working week has been successful, and we’ll be making the move permanent for all teams. You can find out more on our 4-day week page

The trial of a 32-hour 4-day working week has had positive feedback from customers and employees alike. These changes mean that teams can spend more time on what matters to them – having quality time with their children, taking up a new hobby, or simply doing those little things that give life meaning.

Paloma Armada-Gamboa, Customer Development Manager, said: “The extra day is enabling me to really focus on my studies – I’ve started a master’s degree in project management – and I don’t think I’d be able to do this without the new way of working. Also, I can focus more on myself when it comes to relaxing and am able to switch off from ‘work mode’.”  

Individual team members can choose between Monday and Friday as their additional free day. If they prefer, they can split this and have two half-days off. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will remain core business days, with all team members working. Throughout the working week, continuity of staffing levels will be maintained to ensure customer service levels are unchanged. The working week will be 32 hours with no reduction in salary.  

As a true advocate of work-life balance, and with his passion for innovation and challenging convention, edison365’s CEO Ivan Lloyd has always believed that there must be a better way than the usual Monday to Friday:  

“I’ve always believed that the work-life balance wasn’t right. That we spend too much time at work relative to the amount of time we have to spend on other things. So, for me, giving everybody that opportunity to have an extra day to do the things they want to do is very important.  

“There’s no downside to this. Our customers have been very supportive – they love the fact that we’ve made this move and are giving our people more time to think. Plus, the level of delivery and outcomes that we’ve seen as a business are equal to where they were before we made the change. And that’s what’s important – the outcome and not the number of hours.  

“Not only is this beneficial for our current teams, but it also helps us to stand out from the crowd when we’re recruiting. We’ve seen a definite uptick in the numbers of people signing up for our vacancy notifications; our latest role posting on recruitment sites has had to be pulled early due to the high quantity of respondents.”  

We believe that moving to a 4-day working week will help to not only improve our teams’ wellbeing, but also the productivity of the company as a whole. We’re happy to be pioneers in a space that, we believe, represents a true work-life balance and a path to a healthier life as a society. We’ll be sharing our knowledge and best practice with those willing to embark on this journey.  

For more information and resources for making your own move to a 4-day working week, visit our 4-day week page. 

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