How to Boost Software Adoption

software adoption post

As exciting as innovation software is, it doesn’t roll itself out. As with anything new, it takes some time and adjustment. So, let’s take a dive into the five key psychological barriers to software adoption. 1. The Appeal of the Status Quo “We’ve always done things this way, current processes work just fine, why do […]

How to Move to a 4-Day Week

how to move to a 4 day week

How to move to a 4-day week and boost your employees’ wellbeing, using the ADKAR change management process (just like we did!).

What Makes a Good Idea? (Video)

what makes a good idea

Submit the best ideas and have them noticed by the whole organization. Discover three key things every budding ideator should consider!

5 reasons for a 4-day week

If you’re considering making the all-important to a 4-day week, but need a little more persuasion, here are five reasons to start putting plans in place.