How to Move to a 4-Day Week

how to move to a 4 day week

How to move to a 4-day week and boost your employees’ wellbeing, using the ADKAR change management process (just like we did!).

What Makes a Good Idea? (Video)

what makes a good idea

Submit the best ideas and have them noticed by the whole organization. Discover three key things every budding ideator should consider!

5 reasons for a 4-day week

If you’re considering making the all-important to a 4-day week, but need a little more persuasion, here are five reasons to start putting plans in place.

7 Business Benefits of Intrapreneurship

Benefits of intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurs need support from their organization to flourish. This blog explores why it is in your business’s best interests to help them grow.