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Britvic is a leading soft drinks company, known particularly for iconic brands such as Robinsons, Tango, and of course Britvic. Its main operations are in Great Britain, Ireland, France and Brazil, but the company is also extending to other international markets including the United States. Britvic’s vision is to be the most dynamic, creative and trusted soft drinks company in the world.

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Creating a Britvic Project Hub to support business plans by delivering successful project outcomes globally

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More effective management forums. The Project Hub team can report on the stages of each project in the project funnel. Accurate financial summaries improve decision making for governance and for cascading within the company.

Decision making is critical

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Key to achieving Britvic’s plans is the ability to deliver multiple projects
across its growing global operations, supporting fast, high quality management decisions.

Britvic has approximately 200 projects to manage across the global
organisation at any one time. The scale and number of projects meant
Britvic needed a systematic solution to capture, track and measure
project delivery across the business, helping to give every project team
the chance to deliver the best possible project outcomes.

Britvic engaged CPS and together designed a project portfolio management solution with online access that would be scalable, with the potential to be deployed globally. Currently Britvic have deployed in GB & Ireland and are focusing on simplicity of data management, that enables informed decision making, Britvic’s Project Hub.

The next logical step was to introduce a project portfolio management (PPM) solution with online access from all parts of the company all over the world. The Board agreed to invest in a simple and focused solution: Britvic’s Project Hub. 

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Culture fit

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Britvic invited CPS, authors of edison365 to help deliver its vision for Project Hub using edison365projects. The solution simplifies the usability of Microsoft Project Online, enhances its functionality, and supports recognised standards, such as PRINCE2® and PMI.

The Britvic relationship with CPS was based on an excellent cultural fit from the start. “We’re very passionate about how we do things at Britvic, and when I visited CPS I could see they have similar aspirations with their company culture, and it’s clearly a great place to work” says Matthew Bayford.

He was also impressed by the out-of-the box solution, edison365projects. “The additional functions that it provides are well proven by CPS, and there are plenty of them we can simply switch on as we mature, confident they will just work without worrying about customisation.”

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“We have stretching ambitions for Britvic. Our vision is to be the most dynamic, creative and trusted soft drinks company in the world. To support that objective we need a proven project portfolio management (PPM) solution that is easy to access from anywhere in the world from all media devices. Above all, we need one version of the truth: everyone in the company using a common set of data to enable us to make strategically aligned, informed decisions.”

Matthew Bayford, Strategic Priorities Programme Manager,

As the partnership developed CPS supported Britvic with a range of expertise, particularly in data management and visual reporting. CPS consultants were careful to focus on the solution’s impact on Britvic people as well as on technology issues. A strong connection also developed between Britvic and CPS at a senior level, which helped to sustain commitment to the project and its roadmap to the future.

Following rollout, Matthew Bayford has identified significant enhancements in the effectiveness of  management forums. He says: “Project Hub enables the GB team to report on the portfolio and project performance which includes status reporting and financial management. This information is used within project governance forums to enable informed decision making.”

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Business benefits

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GB & Ireland are using the tool, which has been deigned to be deployed globally in the future

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Distinctive ‘One Britvic’ solution, based on tried and tested Microsoft Office 365 technology

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A tool to plan resources and responsibilities across brands, programmes and portfolios – clarifying roles, prioritising the right things at the right time, saving valuable time, enabling accountability, tracking delivery, and avoiding duplication of tasks

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Has potential to be accessible from everywhere by everyone at any time with future self-service access – enabling all knowledge to be shared and teams to collaborate

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