5 reasons for a 4-day week

By: edison365

We recently asked the edison365 team what their top advice for companies looking to move to a shorter working week would be. The overwhelming response? “Just do it!”

If you’re considering making the all-important switch, but need a little more persuasion, here are five reasons for having a 4-day week:

1. Improve wellbeing

Reducing working hours while keeping full pay has been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep and create greater happiness among workers. But, let’s face it, most people wouldn’t need to look at an official study to tell you that more free time boosts wellbeing.

Ongoing stress, which has been a complaint of many, is constantly releasing cortisol. Cortisol impedes creativity and negatively affects memory and the ability to focus. If we decrease endemic stress, we decrease cortisol, and bingo – your teams are fully rested, refreshed, and ready to bring great ideas to your business!

2. Boost productivity

Cutting working hours to improve productivity may seem illogical, but it works! A 2019 pilot in New Zealand saw a staggering 20% rise in productivity among staff.

People who are more relaxed and feel appreciated will be more engaged with their work. Plus, with fewer days in the office, teams need to focus on priority tasks and make the most of the time they have to play with – reducing the likelihood of presenteeism.

3. Staff retention

In the days of the “Great Resignation” – the post-pandemic trend of workers quitting their jobs en masse – keeping staff happy in their roles is a top priority for companies. And what could make your teams happier than a bit more me-time?

Currently, a four-day week is the employee benefit to end all employee benefits, but we hope that one day it’ll be the norm for everyone. Until then, however, it’s one of the greatest ways to make your people feel appreciated.

Need any more reasons for a 4-day week? Read on!

4. Hiring

Recruitment is hard, especially in these post-pandemic times. So, how do you make your business stand out to candidates? Take it from us – a four-day week will help do the trick!

5. A step towards gender equality

Studies have found that women in Europe have – on average – less free time and carry out more unpaid work (such as childcare) than men. Having less time taken up by work, lower childcare costs, and greater flexibility may open up full-time work to a greater number of women.

Want to work a 4-day week?

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